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  1. Hello, I realize it's late in the season, but I'm looking for a sequence for the song "Feel the Light" by Jennifer Lopez, theme song of the movie "Home". I'll be happy to pay for it, but I need it before a light contest on Friday, realizing I'm very very late. Any number of channels work, I just remap it in my software. Thanks! /Hakan
  2. Anyone care to share a sequence for this song? TIA!
  3. Yea if you have Let It Go that would be great.
  4. Sweet, thanks! hx [at] lindestaf [dott] com
  5. Hello, has anyone done Let It Go from Disney's Frozen movie? I figured it would be cool for the Xmas display. I'm happy to pay for it. Here's a link to the CD: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/frozen-original-motion-picture/id728903889 Thanks, /Hakan
  6. Can you please share it with me too? hx at lindestaf dot com. Since there are a lot of people requesting it (and you're giving it away for free), would you mind posting it to the thread? Thanks, /Hakan
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