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  1. SuperStar now supports audio files with a sampling rate of 48,000 as well as the standard 44,100 sampling rate.
  2. Of course Ethernet is so much faster then the serial connection required for LOR boxes
  3. Disappointing is all I can say, when we can't even run a show with out major load times between songs. If you need to make the tiniest adjustment even in network settings its back to loading all over again. This shouldn't be such a hard problem to figure out for a programmer or at least acknowledge that they need help.
  4. JR thanks for the work around idea. It would seem that if you have identified the problem and what causes the problem, that LOR would be able to capture the problem and correct it so that everyone doesn't have to erase parts of the sequence to make it work MOST of the time. It was working correctly in 5.6 but that changed for 5.8 when it seems they removed the code to make the transfer easy for all purchased sequences rather then just from Superstar purchased sequences. I hope they don't take the same approach and make it harder for people to use other peoples sequences that are not from LOR store. In competitors software they are trying tp make it easier for everyone by transferring all the universe information right to the pixel controllers to make it easier for people to setup and get their shows running, I guess they have a different approach.
  5. Yes I have a license and yes I sell sequences. I am an approved vendor on the Light O Rama list which you can verify me as www.SeasonalSequences.com but there are a lot of people that don’t have the ability or time to create some of the sequences. S5 integration was to eliminate the “out of memory“ errors that multiple people get when they copy large amounts of data and paste into their existing sequences and to make the software more user friendly.
  6. So will this work on any purchased sequence or just on the sequences from you?
  7. I did the same test In 5..3.10 and got the same results NO DATA RECEIVED FROM SUPERSTAR
  8. Is there a change in the way you import a purchased Super Star sequence in 5.3.8 LOR sequencer? If you have the demo version of Superstar and purchase a pre-made SuperStar sequence and in the sequencer select the entire motion effect row then Shift S and launch Superstar, then open the purchased Superstar sequence, and then close the file It goes back to the LOR sequencer and says No data received from Superstar. This use to work??
  9. I had this problem in S4 it would play 3 maybe 4 sequences out of 15 and start over at the first sequence all night long . Sometimes it would interrupt a sequence in the middle to start over on the first song. When I opened a help desk ticket I was told it must be multiple shows scheduled at the same time which there wasn't . I only had one show and made sure there was no other files. If I ran show on demand with the setting set to run until I stop it ...it would run fine. Then the help desk said "well no one else has reported the problem so I don't see how it is a Light O Rama problem."
  10. 7:50:32 PM: Show Player starting7:50:32 PM: Schedule loaded7:50:32 PM: Initializing LOR networks7:50:32 PM: LOR networks initialized7:50:36 PM: Show Player initialized My log files show the Show Player starts and initializes then shuts down all day long about every 5-10 minutes if I leave the schedule enabled. But so far it runs correctly when the show actually starts
  11. Did you just add the animation sequence? Have you tried just running a single sequence from the sequencer just to help troubleshoot things?
  12. I think the verifier is only looking for the old lms files and not the loredit files. I got the same error when I tried the verifier even though my show runs
  13. Very annoying Agreed . I see the bug also
  14. Yes that works doing it manually. But when I select from the MOVE OR SCALE EFFECTS IT ENDS UPSIDE DOWN. Please reread my first sentence above. If I select the horizontal to vertical it will rotate correctly even though I am going the other way but then the scaling boxes are incorrect
  15. Using S5.3.8 When I rotate a vertical 24 string to 24 string Horizontal using the TOOLS - MOVE or SCALE SELECTED EFFECTS dialog box and choose CHANGE ORIENTATION and I select ROTATE 90 LEFT (Vert to HORZ) the image appears upside down . Then when you manually select the image to rotate the image through the IMAGE DIALOG BOX I get the message "YOU HAVE DRAWN AN IMAGE AND HAVE NOT ADDED IT TO THE IMAGE LIST. BEFORE YOU CAN MANIPULATE THE IMAGE YOU HAVE DRAWN YOU MUST FIRST ADD IT TO THE IMAGE LIST" . Even though I have selected the image from the list and it is already part of the sequence . ??? If I select NO it will still allow me to manually rotate the image.
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