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  1. I think I could be wrong, but the appearance of the power panel in the above example exceeds the "Squirrel Trip Factor" built into most power substations. This accident waiting to happen would likely allow the substation to trip and the re-closer to activate and likely hold, frying the individual within 25 feet of the power panel. Can you say - "Smells and tastes like Chicken"!
  2. OK - I was truly tempted to title this something like "Getting It UP - there" but I refrained... Three years ago with the building of our Munkhouse Jump Pole for our Mega tree, we did a good job building the pole and placing it in the receiver in the front yard where we attached 32 bands of 25 pixels. Then we tried to raise it up. I appreciated the help from my friends, but the circus clowns have nothing on our Saturday show. Not wanting to see that happen again, I set out to build a lifter that was quick and simple. Harbor Freight provided the 12VDC power winch, The steel shop provid
  3. We have always kept the song / sequence loop short. Repeat after 3 or 4 short songs and 2 commercials from the Demented Elf. Keeping songs short to < two minutes always helps. Two years ago when we were posted on MSNBC our traffic shot way up, and I contacted the local PD asking for advice. The officer said, "We are very familiar with your house and we watch the traffic, but we have never seen a problem, you have the timing short and that helps". Even when the busses and limos come by things seem to work out fine. The Demented Elf commercials really help with getting the word out to be c
  4. I use my old walkman tuned into the station, and just turn it up and hang the headset on top of the camera. A couple of things we have done for years - always use a tripod - and take your videos either as the sun is setting or just before it comes up. The additional ambiant light makes your show just that much nicer. But most of all - have fun!
  5. Keeping lights on before and after your regular show time? Wonderful idea -and very easy to do. Here is a little history how things have worked for me for the last 7 years. Early on I used rope light to outline the perimeter of my yard. We would always get a light snowfall and it would cover the rope. So, I learned if I kept the rope on say around 40% brightness, it would create enough heat to melt the snow and the rope would show through - and the glow was awesome durring the show. So Create a couple of "Animation" sequences (those without music) with some simple nice things happening
  6. OK - I need to chime in again - and it isn't positive, I much rather give folks the benefit of the doubt. Today I received the second half of our order, which DHL at one point declared it lost in transit, was in fact found, this was the second shipment of a large group buy here in PNW - 10 of us involved - you can imagine the $$ amount. I worked with Ray for nearly 3 weeks before I placed it. This was the 3rd time I have ordered from Ray. Twice the shipment got lost, imagine that. The order went in the second week in June. Part of the order arrived 3 weeks ago - the rest today, and shipping
  7. Looking for software/interface for a marquee sign. Recently purchased a Marquee sign from Bill Foleys estate. Have been unable to find the software/interface to program the sign. The boards are marked " LEDVISION INC. Ackley, IA USA - https;//www.ledvison.com - P/N LC300-MAIN Ver C March 2001 and the sub is LGC300 Ver A". The main board and its sub board each have 8 - 8 X 8 RGB modules making up the full marquee. Modules are about 2 inches squeare. It has both an RS485 and an RS232 interface connected via a 3 different RJ12 - 4 conductor connecors. I have a similar marquee, not as ma
  8. My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
  9. Worked at Radio Shack in the 1970's - I had a guy come in and wanted to buy some Ohms. ..... Within a week of that a different guy came in asking for some Amps.... I KID YOU NOT!
  10. She did a special rendition of that song for our good friend the late Bill Foley - it premiered at the MINI in Olympia this spring at Bill Foley's home. If you get the chance to listen - listen closely - she is pretty awesome...
  11. Sean, Your right. I have been in communication with Ray quite a bit lately, as recently as yesterday. He is the man with the goodies, and he also has a very full plate of clients. Last time I spoke with him on the phone was quite a while ago, but all issues aside that folks may seem to have, he is a very honest man. It may be hard for him with both the language difference and the time difference, not forgetting the cultural difference as well. I'm not trying to excuse away any issues - I just know he has a bunch going on and the factories can only punch out so much at a time. Our last ord
  12. I to do a lot with VMware - over 160 servers/workstations on a daily basis, operating on 7 hosts a total of 32 cores - big boy tools. Our experience on products like Player and Vm Server (affordable in our home enviornment) , with ports is problem- matic. The challange I had 16 months ago when trying to virtualize my machine was sync with audio and port output, could never keep them together. The USB port always lagged. How have you over come this issue?
  13. Thanks - Something to share - one of the reasons we do this - a little girl in the crowd watching the show, she appeared different. Closer examination would show a sweet little girl with a facial disfigurement caused by burns. She was with Grandma and brother, and was very excited and excitable. Grandma told my wife the girl (about 7) had been intentionally burned (to which she didn't elaborate much). But all she wanted was a picture with the "Frosty Snowman" . We made that happen and sent the pictures to her. The laughter of a child - the glimmer in their eye - need I say more........
  14. Techster - you’ll notice that Mike Z is in the background of my video - Mike and I work together on our projects - when we can that is. Wayne - Details on the mechanics - I use servos that will push at least 100 inch oz of torque from Servo City. I created the gimbal from scratch with bearings on 1/4 inch hardened rod held in place with Teflon bearing blocks. Hand built bell cranks welded to 1/4 inch collars. Servo on the mouth, one in each arm, and one on the hips. Its built to hold up to years of use, and the weather. I had no trouble when "Lester" was outside in the sustained 50+ MPH wind
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