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  1. If anyone could share or point me in the direction to purchase would really appreciate. Thanks!
  2. This is awesome, cmuller2ajaxturner.com. Thank you so much!!!!!
  3. I'm looking for the following sequences to complete my Christmas Vacation show-Any help would be Appreciated! Christmas Vacation-Marvis Staples Male Kalimaka-Bing Crosby Here Comes Santa Claus-Gene Autry Holiday Road-Lindsey Buckingham Thanks. Chris My email is cmuller@ajaxturner.com
  4. Right there with ya....any would be appreciated. cmuller@ajaxturner.com
  5. Thank you Speedster for the help-Appecaite the help. Chris
  6. Thank you Richard for the help-is there a You Tube Video you would recommend? Deeply apperciate the help. Chris
  7. Stupid question but got to ask-So all of my sequences that I have were purchased through LOR or WOW Lights. I was recently sent a sequence and purchased the music via Amazon. How do you link the two together? Thank you! Chris
  8. Really in need of a sequence of Sidewalk Prophets What A Glorious Night (with Linus). Any help would be appreciated-🙏🏻 Cmuller@ajaxturner.com
  9. Does anyone have a arched car port going down their driveway? I would really like to see how you designed it and hear some tips on what you learned. Thanks!
  10. Hey Doc-can I get a copy of Baby Sharks? I'm the same as you-I don't have pixels but the inch has set in for next year. Thanks! cmuller@ajaxturner.com
  11. That's what I do-I what to expand in this area but right now that's all I know.
  12. In need of a few sequences-for my 16 channel display-any help would be appreciated-Baby Sharks, All I Want For Christmas-Mariah Carey, Let It Go--Idina Menzel. Thank you.... Chris Cmuller@ajaxturner.com
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