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  1. Okay, now when I open a sequence from last year it shows that I have new props (the house outlines). However, when I look at the sequence, each one of the new items is filled in with “speckles” on the grid. (See picture) I can’t clear them out or change them in any way therefore I can’t program anything new into those props. What am I missing?
  2. I did exactly that. I did some effects and everything seems good with one exception. I copied an effect from the pixel tree to apply it to the entire house like I did with some others and it wouldn’t work on the house. It was an “up and down” chasing effect. The other “butterfly, shimmer, chasing effects worked, but on that one the house just stays dark. Any thoughts?
  3. Sounds good. Appreciate the help!
  4. Here’s the individual strings and locations of the first pixels.
  5. So as long as the controller is in correct relation to the blue squares, it should display correctly? Let's say I want to put the controller right where the yellow X is. You can see where I have the start of the individual strings...should this work out for my layout? Please note that I have two strings coming to meet each other on the peak and gutter directly over the front door. There are separate strings on each section of the windows and also on the garage doors along with separate strings on the garage roof and gutters as well...
  6. I used 20 and I seem to be in business! Now, I have a question that relates to having everything show up uniformly. If you look at the picture of my preview design, just the house, not the other props...do I have the strings layed out properly? If so, how do I make uniform color displays on the house? For example, let's say I wanted the house completely dark and I want to turn ALL the lights on from the middle out to each end, and display PURPLE...How do I get the individual strings to work together to make that "look" happen? Purple in the middle, extending outward to each end. Make sense? Based on where the strings are on the design, will the software "KNOW" how to make that effect happen? Thanks again!
  7. Okay. So if my Pixie 16 that's running my pixel tree starts at 05 and counts up to 0F, then what number would you suggest I start my NEW Pixie 16 at that will run my house? 20?
  8. Hi Everyone. Using the Pro version of S5. I'm new with this. Wondering how to set the correct UNIT ID to each RGB Prop that I add? I added a Pixie 16 last year and used all channels for an RGB Pixel Tree. I see there's a different UNIT ID for each string in the pixel tree. Now, I have another Pixie 16 that I want to use for the outline of my house and windows. How do I get different UNIT ID's to show up for each "prop" I enter on the Sequencer Preview? It defaults to Unit 1 which is already used. The pixel tree starts at Unit 5 and counts up to Unit 14 then switches to 0A, 0B, and so on up to 0F. That's 16 different ID's. The tree works correctly in my sequences. Am I correct in saying I would want my new Pixie 16 that I'm using for the house to start at Unit 0G? Then count UP 16 spots for each Unit ID number? Any help is appreciated! Thanks! Adrian
  9. Never mind!! Found the color codes on the back of a sheet of paper. My bad!
  10. How do I find out what color on my pigtails goes to the correct input? Here’s a picture of the pigtails
  11. How do I open that preview?
  12. Thanks for the input! I appreciate the suggestions using 2 Pixie 8s or 4 Pixie 4s…however I already have the Pixie 16 so the other setups won’t be happening. In my case I have 2 350 watt PS’s. I wasn’t going to run anything more than 140 pixels on one port so that shouldn’t be an issue. The windows and front door is much shorter than 100 pixels on their ports. I think I will mount the Pixie 16 under the soffit in the center of the house. Having said that, how would any of you divide up the strings for the roof edges and gutters? For example, each window, the front door, and each garage door would have its own port. What about the actual roof edges and along the front gutter? Do I do half to the left gutter on one port and the other half on another port? Then Can I do this…the roof edge on the left up to the peak, then halfway across the peak all on one string/port? That’s about 140 pixels according to its length. Then of course the other half on another string/port. Not sure if that makes sense. Will this display correctly as long as what I put into the program reflects how it’s actually hung on the house? On the attached picture, could I hook each corresponding color’s pixel strings to a different port and have it display correctly? Even the ones that go up the roof edges and across part of the peak?
  13. I’m not a newbie to Lightorama but I am somewhat to RGB. I added a Pixie 16 last year for an RGB tree. That wasn’t too difficult. BUT now I’m adding another one to use on the outlines of the house and windows. Not sure of the best way to lay this out. So I have to ask a few questions. I included a picture of my house with lines drawn where I would like to outline with pixel strings: 1. Where is the best place to put it so I can reach all the areas I want to reach? 2. On the roof line for example…do my pixel strings have to be separate on the edges from what runs on the peak or can they be a continuous line? Same for along the gutters. How does the program know how to differentiate what direction the strings are running so it all looks the right way when running a sequence? I did watch some tutorials about this but I’m not sure it’s as simple as it seems. I would think a Pixie 16 would be enough to run everything I have marked with red lines in the picture. If anyone has a video suggestion for me to watch, that would be appreciated or any other instructions they may have to throw my way. Thanks so much!
  14. Would a 12 volt 40 amp, 500 watt power supply be sufficient to run a Pixie 16 with 16 12 volt 50 pixel strings attached to it at 50%?
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