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  1. Dibblejr, you have it right. I should have explained further. I want to copy/paste from a doner sequence to my own. Yes, it would be from the SAME song to a sequence of mine. Obviously, it would line up and make more sense. What I have is a pixie 16 controller running a 180 degree, 16 string of 50 lights pixel tree. I'm new to S5 this year so it's a little tough. Some of the sequences I have that I'd like to transfer to mine have RGB included in them. I'm just not sure how I would get that info into my tree. Do I have to somehow breakout all the channels in the grid view then past
  2. Hey Everyone. Is there a way to copy an RGB Pixel part of a sequence from one sequence to another? Same song, just a different set of sequences. I'm guessing it's not that simple...but in case there's a way, I would like to know. Thanks!
  3. Just an update for you...I did update the firmware on all the controllers and BAM! It works like a champ! I did update the network to run the 500k Enhanced network. I updated from firmware 1.06 to 1.11 with no problems... Thanks!
  4. What is the version of Firmware you need to run a Pixie 16 daisy chained with 3 Gen 3 controllers? Right now only my pixie 16 is working, no regular controllers are running the other lights. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the replies. Very weird. I just clicked on the exe files in the Lightorama folder on the C drive. I right clicked the Sequencer exe file and ran as administrator. It still wanted to go through all the setup junk. After it quit I clicked cancel and then it opened up! Anyway, it seems to be working. I can even save sequences.
  6. Wondering about installing the software on a Windows 7 computer. I have the admin login and privileges, but I'm wondering if there's a trick to make it work when you're NOT logged in as an admin? I want it to work while logged in as a normal user. The program installed with no problem when logged in as an admin and works fine. I also see the Control Panel icon on the desktop when logged in a normal user, but when I click on it, it wants to go the the installation procedure again. Then it stops saying you need to be an admin. I have many other programs that had to be installed as an a
  7. Hey everyone. Not too worried about making a Pixel Tree work before Christmas but I finally have some time to mess with the new software. I have MANY old sequences done for S3 that I'd like to continue using. I do want to ADD a Pixel Tree to those sequences. I can't figure out how to add a Pixel Tree into the grid the same way that it is shown to work in the S5 tutorial video that's on the Lightorama website. Basically this. I have the traditional controllers that control the lights on my house and windows. That stays the same. I just want to ADD a Pixel Tree to the sequence. That
  8. I'm making a DIY Pixel Tree... What SPACING between the pixels should I use? I'm using my own strips in which I will drill holes to hold them in place. However, I'm not sure of what the best spacing is and what looks best. Thanks!
  9. kzziboy

    Pixie 16 Help

    I just looked. My traditional 16 channel controllers have 1.06 firmware installed on them. What version do you need to run the network at 500k? I believe I read or heard that is the speed the Pixie 16 should run at, correct? The newest firmware is version 1.11. Do I need that? Or is it not worth it to update it?
  10. kzziboy

    Pixie 16 Help

    I need to update my profile. I do have the pro license. Sorry about that! Yes, my controllers are all Gen 3 or newer. Thanks for the reply!!
  11. kzziboy

    Pixie 16 Help

    Hi Everyone. I'm new to using RGB and the Pixie 16. When you first set up the unit, you want to give it a unit number. Fine. What about the comm port? Does it run on the same comm port as the traditional lightorama controllers? I'm not clear on how that works. Can you run different comm ports on the same computer to control different devices or does everything have to be on the same comm port? I plan on daisy chaining the controllers. The Pixie 16 first in line then 4 more traditional 16 channel controllers. I have the high speed USB 485 adapter (red one). Any he
  12. Gotcha. I actually have the black one from back in 2013 when I first got on board. It came with the starter pack.
  13. No, I don't feel lucky. LOL!
  14. Yet another question... It's concerning using the USB adapter. It says this right on the USB485-HS page: "The USB485-HS is the choice when you plan to use the highest speed (500K) for your LOR network. The other LOR USB adapters were designed for speeds of 250K or less. However they appear to work well at 500K so if you have a working 500K network using one of the other USB adapters there is no need to change." So is that basically saying since I have a USB485 that I should be fine? Thanks once again!
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