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  1. I'm in the same boat. I haven't spent 6 hours yet though. I hope you get a response soon. It will safe me sometime. I'll keep digging and if I find the answer I'll post it here.
  2. No luck finding it. I'm still searching.
  3. I have two 10w RGB flood lights that are 120v. I assume that the floods have a standard step down voltage to the LEDs. The question is can I convert these over to be controlled directly by the CMB24D by connecting them directly to the LEDs board? I do not see any writing on the transformer inside the light, no voltage stamped on the LED board and my tester is dead. Thanks Andy
  4. Thanks All, I assumed it would work, just was not positive. Thanks Again KP
  5. I have six controllers and for this seasons setup. I'd like to tandem two of the controllers to save on running cords everywhere. So I thought Id address the two controllers with the same address assuming the they would work in conjunction with each other. Will this work?? Thanks KP
  6. Looking to see if anyone has done a Love Actually themed song. Thanks KP
  7. Well Freinds, I used the CAT5 for short runs less than 30' for using each pair for each color and power. I measured the load and it was at a peak .36 amp which the Cat5 handled fine. Basically used 2 24awg wires for each color and had no problem. The other note is I was using 24v lights and not 12v due to voltage drop on longer runs. Thanks , KP
  8. Freinds, Im looking for rgb string lights to add to some shrubbery. Where can i purchase this. Id prefer not to use the fairy light style and do not what to use the tape lights. Any thoughts? Thanks KP
  9. Thanks Jim Most of the lighting will wall washing so much of it will be out of the weather and direct sun light. I've use the rope light for over a decade now and I assume that wear will be very similar. K P
  10. This is a DIY project. I have 15' dumb RGB runs each on its own channel and they are 24v.. But some of these runs out to them will be up to 50'. Short runs I may consider the cat 5 by doubling up the pairs. But the longer runs I'm going to get 16-4 due to the voltage drop. I was just checking to see if anyone has used the cat 5 in the past. I'll play with it this week and see what the results will be before I hooking them up permanently. Also, has anyone one left there LED tape lights up year round before? I'm thinking on doing so. Thanks K P
  11. What size wire are you guys running from your controllers out to your strips. Someone was suggesting that I use CAT5 or 6. I just have concerns on voltage drop with that small of a wire even with 24v. Thoughts and suggestions ?? Thanks K P
  12. I'm also adding RGB for the first time this year and first time for Halloween. I'd love to have the waliking dead theme James if still available or any Halloween with RGB. Thanks!! K P andy.bigham75@gmail.com
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