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  1. Thanks Orville for the additional information. Very helpful!! Have a great Friday!!
  2. Thanks Orville. I have not used Flex Seal but have seen many commercials for it on TV. Always wondered if it worked as well as they make it look. I will look into that. Thanks to everyone for your responses. All are very helpful. Appreciate your time! Tom
  3. Mine looks like it is silicone that was applied (not as a ring or preform). The water appears to be just in the front by the glass? Can it get behind the light assembly? I would rather not take that apart if I don't have to. Appreciate everyone's suggestions. I will get that done very soon so it can dry out.
  4. so I should remove the glass so It will dry out and then reseal after it is dry. Just regular silicone to reseal? Thanks for your input.
  5. so it caused no problems? that's good to know. DId it eventually just evaporate? Thanks for your response. I hadn't thought about it being condensation - but that would make sense. Also explain how it got in there.
  6. I purchased two new 50w Flood lights this year and they worked great. When I brought them inside recently I noticed one of them has water inside the light part. I have no idea how the water got in or how to get it out again? I took the frame off the front glass and it looks like it is well sealed all the way around. I've tried tipping the light in different directions to hopefully get it to drip out but no luck. Has anyone had this problem or suggestion as to how to get the water out? It was working right up to the end but they were out for a few weeks after the holiday lighting season a
  7. I've been using the cannysystem ridge clips for a few years -- they work great. THey stay up year round and I have had not trouble with them. Occasionally a squirrel will dislodge a couple but they are easy to reset. They hold the lights upright and a little above roof so they are usually visible even in snow conditions. I live in NC though so we don't get the kind of snow other areas receive.
  8. not sure if you can run a pixie unit from a mini director. I don't believe it can handle the higher speed enhanced networks that a Pixie requires.
  9. I have several WoW Lights stands and they have held up well over several years -- outside 12 months/year. I lost one this summer when a tree fell on it. tree drove it all the way into the ground and bent the top portion 90 degrees but it did not break. Can't use it but to go through that and not break says something for the quality.
  10. I get my RGBs from LOR. But my regular LEDs I get mostly from ChristmasLights.com but have also picked some up at Walmart and other box stores when on sale. I've changed most of display over to LED which has been a big savings on my electric bill. There are very expensive LEDs which theoretically are supposed to last longer. I have settled on the next level down for budget reasons. As mentioned earlier, the advantage to the cheaper LEDs is when they break or stop working you haven't lost a huge investment and can go get more. I do have a mix of quality but have been trying to add/replace
  11. You can also do a search on YouTube for LOR and will find numerous videos (many of which are also on LOR website).
  12. If in sequncer in S5 you can access your Superstar portion through that and make changes or additions. I recently changed a section in one of my sequences that had originally been designed in SuperStar. I was able to completely change the section I wanted. Highlight the section you want to change/alter and then right click and select superstar.
  13. you must use the hub and not the hardware director when using S5. As long as you have your files in the correct directories and haven't moved anything, than simply drag the loredit file with the latest date into the hub where you deposit the sequence. the audio will automatically connect if it is in the correct location. You only have to put the sequence file in to the hub. Hope that helps some.
  14. You may need to upgrade your license also. The basic only runs 2 unit IDs and BAsic plus gives you 4 unit IDs. For a chart showing what each license allows you to do and its limitations go to http://www1.lightorama.com/showtime-sequencing-suite/#levels
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