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  1. Hey, James... I'd love a copy as well if you have time to send it. JonathanM.Simpson AT gmail.com Thanks! -J
  2. I'd also like a copy of The Greatest Show (mega tree and firesticks/arches). JonathanM.Simpson@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. Oh, and if you need "real" singing faces, try hitting up James Morris' thread. He sent them to me, and they looked great in the editor, but I couldn't use them because I only have a 2 channel mouth on my reindeer (open mouth, closed mouth), so I had to re-do. Man, this song made that a lot of work LOL! Very fast singing sections!
  4. So, I just finished up "The Greatest Show" from the movie The Greatest Showman if anyone wants it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c13736ad8rtgg53/GreatestShow.lms?dl=0 Here's the channel breakdown in case anyone cares: House: 2 center channels (foyer window and door) 4 room windows UL, UR, LL, LR (UL = upper left, etc.) 6 ridge lines 1 bushes channel ---------------- Other items: 1 Snowman yard prop 2 yard trees 1 Singing Reindeer (four channels - nose, outline, open mouth, closed mouth) 12 channel candy cane pinwheel 8 channel
  5. James... Do you mind if I snag a copy as well? JonathanM.Simpson@gmail.com Thanks in advance!
  6. James, Would you mind if I got a copy as well? I have a 3-year old little girl who would love this added to the playlist. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!
  7. Orville, There is no way, no how that you are running an XP box with 256K of RAM. DOS 6.22 required atleast 512KB of RAM to run, and the minimum system requirements for Windows 3.1 was 3MB. Windows XP requires atleast 64MB of RAM. I repeat, Windows XP WILL NOT install on a machine with less than 64MB of RAM - the installer will not allow it. You may have a processor with a 256KB cache, or you may have 256MB RAM, but you are not running Windows XP on a box w/ only 256KB RAM. Right-click on My Computer, left-click on Properties, and look towards the bottom.
  8. CAT5 wiring standards: http://www.leviton.com/OA_HTML/SectionDisplay.jsp?section=42997
  9. Max-Paul - Why do you always have to belittle people in your responses. Your first question is a statement. The answer to your second question is "to shorten it." The answer to your third question is "because the OP asked how to shorten category 5 cable." To the OP... Don't solder CAT5 cable. My company has been running LV for almost 15 years. You can buy a pair of crimpers and some RJ45 plugs at Home Depot, or you can order some online. T568B is typically the wiring standard you see out in the field. I'll post pinout in a minute. What Max-Paul failed to mention is that there are different RJ
  10. Sounds like I'll be placing another order with CDI. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Planning on purchasing some rope lighting off eBay shortly, so I'd be interested in knowing what product has been giving you so much trouble so that I can avoid it. And not that it matters Max-Paul, but Keurig coffee makers most certainly use a heating element and do not conduct electricity through the water itself LOL - I just replaced the heating element in my Keurig last weekend.
  12. Awesome! This was our first year receiving donations (toys) for patients that have to spend Christmas at the hospital at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. We, too, had a Santa. I think it's great that you used your light display to serve the community!
  13. Nice! I don't see the pics of the donations though... Why do you need diapers?
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