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  1. Thanks BigWally11 for your reply. I have done the modification as you suggest and it works perfectly. Rich M
  2. Here are some pics of the unit. Hope you can help. I added some notes on the first photo. I don't know if you can zoom on these photos. 1st time doing this on this forum.. Thanks, Rich M
  3. I purchased (2) LOR1600WG3 15Amp controllers because the 30Amp units were unavailable. Now I have the 2nd pigtail required to do the upgrade. My primary question is to which spade connector on the PCB should the incoming power be connected. Right now at 15 Amp configuration, the incoming power wire is attached to the "Hot Jumper" on both sides, and not on the "Hot Input". Should I connect channels 1-8 incoming hot from the pigtail to the "Hot Input" and for channels 9-16 incomint hot from the pigtail to its "Hot Input"? Additionally, channels 1-8 and 9-16 have their neutrals jumpered togethe
  4. Well, I installed Audacity and the Lame software. Set the defualt to mp3 constant and 128 bit. The timing is closer but if programming at 1/4 to 1/2 speed, the playback at normal does not hit the mark. Puzzled Rich M
  5. Thanks for the itp. I downloaded the Audacity software but it looks nothing like the PDF instructions. I think I got the file converted to fixed but I can't find a settng in the preference export menu to call that out. I'll try it soon. Rich M
  6. Have trouble with stability of a 4 1/2 minute long song. If I program in 1/4 speed every note I program hits the mark right on. When I play the song at normal speed, the on mark may or may not be in time with the music. It may be advenced or retarded or right on. If I play the entire song from the begining the 1st half will be in time and the second half will be ahead of the song. I copy the 2nd half and move it .2 to .3 seconds to the right. This does not correct the problem. Playing the entire song from the begining multiple times yields different results. Christmas is just around the corn
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