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  1. Yes, I went back into the sequence editor and selected full screen and played each sequence to be sure to see if that would help. No luck though. Any other ideas?
  2. This is my first year of trying to use some video and I am having some trouble with the screen size. When I play the sequence in show builder it will show full screen when I select it and als when using the simple show builder I can get it to go full screen if I right click on the video and select zoom > full screen but when the next song starts it is back to a small window. I am using an old laptop with Windows 98. Any ideas on what I need to do to have it full size when it starts each sequence?
  3. I'd like a copy as well please. hemiclone@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  4. Could you send to me as well James? I only have 32 channels for house and props plus RGB Spots. hemiclone@yahoo.com is my email.
  5. Me too! Was holding out for the sale, but might have to investigate some other sources for RGB floods. I was traveling and unable to access the mad grab sale and didn't get a chance to look until the next morning and everything was gone.
  6. Some leds are fadable and some are not, so it depends on the strings that you bought. Plug one in, give it a shot and see if they dim or not.
  7. It was a polarity issue. The outlet was fine, but I had one ungrounded adapter that could go either way that I use to get a power cord through a small hole that I have to get down into my workroom for when I needed more power when I was running incandescents over the past few years. Probably don't even need it now since I switched to leds and I don't have all that many lights. i plugged my second controller into this cord and then those leds started to glow - flipped the plug on the other controller when I switched it back and now all is good! Thanks.
  8. I have two controllers and what is staying on is the first 7 channels of the first controller - all with one set of LED Net lights. The lights are really dim probably about 10% - hardly noticeable in the daylight. I'll get out there tomorrow and try the additional load and the voltmeter. Thanks for the suggestions. From what I read before buying, I thought the LED issue was fixed with newer controllers and they didn't need the additional load. Will this harm anything in the controllers?
  9. I am new to Light-o-rama this year and just received my controllers in November. I have everything up and running, but some of my light strings stay on dimly 24/7 (I leave the controllers powered). The lights are LED net lights that I picked up at Big Lots. Is there a way to cure this?
  10. I was trying to find the Christmas Vacation Soundtrack locally and online and the only version I can find is a limited edition one on amazon for about $50. Is there anywhere to get this cheaper? I just received my 2 controllers last week and am trying to put on a show this year, so expect some dumb questions for a little bit. I do have my test lights blinking to a couple of sequences, so hopefully most of the pain is over. Now to get them scheduled to a show and add a few bumper tracks.
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