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  1. Hello Everyone, Forgive me if this was already asked, I ran a search and couldn't find it. I am looking for a way to start and stop my light-o-rama schedule with a .bat file, ideally one to "disable shows immediately" and another one to "enable schedule". The reason is because I am also doing an indoor display on my Christmas tree this year. Whenever I leave my house I'd like it to turn off by disabling the schedule. I use a ring alarm system linked up to Amazon Alexa, and I already have Alexa linked to my PC to run bat files based on various triggers, like me arming my alarm system. All
  2. Hey Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a sequence for the song "The More You Give (The More You'll Have)" by Michael Buble'. Its such a nice song and if anyone has a copy and would like to share it, I would be very grateful. Best, -stollo770
  3. Hello All, I am trying to do a show that features religious themed songs this year and I was wondering if anyone had any that they would like to share. I want to add religious songs to my show to help people remember what Christmas is really about, but I don't have enough time to make any. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'll happily take anything. My email address is stollo770@gmail.com. I also have sequences to share in return if anyone would prefer a trade. Thank you very much for your time, -Stollo770
  4. Hello, Would anyone also happen to have a sequence for Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Mariah Carey? I can't find it in the store and its a really good song that I would love to add to my show. My email is stollo770@gmail.com if anyone has it. Thank you for your time,
  5. I would love a link sent to me as well. Thank you very much! stollo770@gmail.com
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a sequence for Underneath The Tree by Kelly Clarkson? I am aware that it is available in the sequence store, but all the sequence store version appears to be is a repeat of the same bottom-to-top fading sequence for the whole song. I was wondering if maybe some one made their own version and is willing to share? I would greatly appreciate it. My email is stollo770@gmail.com if anyone has it. Thank you for your time,
  7. Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a realitvely easy time setting up thier light shows for the holiday season. I was wondering if anyone had a sequence for Mariah Carey's song Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). I heard it on the radio the other day and I would very much like to integrate it into my show (I know its kinda last minute). Use the 4x4 standard for decorating if that helps but I will happily take anything anyone has to offer and my email is stollo770@gmail.com. Thank you so much for your time and your help. Best, -Stollo770
  8. I know that you must be getting tired of all of these requests, but if possible, could you send a copy to me at stollo770@gmail.com ? I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
  9. I would also love a copy. My email is stollo770@gmail.com. Thank you for doing this!
  10. Hello, I am still relatively new to lighting having only one year under my belt. I am finalizing my sequences for this year before my show goes live and I would really like to add the song The Greatest Time Of Year by Aly and AJ. Unfortunately, I will not have enough time to sequence the song before my show goes live after Thanksgiving. So I was wondering; does anyone here have a sequence to that song and is willing to share? I'd be really appreciative of any help you can give me. My Show is 32 Channels and uses the 4x4 decorating standard set by the LOR sequence store; if that helps at all.
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