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  1. Thought I'd share some insight, I live in El Paso and no Loya doesn't do any of the work, the shots of him with the lights were just for the show. He hires quite a few people to put up everything. (I'd say over 50 pairs of hands) As far as I know there 2 guys that do the programming, and one video editor.
  2. It is blue. Com Port Status Good. My 16 channel LOR controller works fine in SE it's just the RGB controler I can't get to work. All other LOR programs are closed. Status light on the RGB Controler is solid Red.
  3. So I'm just lost now, I don't know why Sequence edit isn't working. I must be doing something wrong just can't see what. The CMB24D works fine on the hardware tester lights turn on and all. But nothing in the sequence editor. Control lights in Editor is ticked & Unit is set to 0E Works Fine in Hardware tester Settings in Sequence Editor and it does not work. Any suggestions?
  4. Wow my props go to you sir. This is amazing display for a 16 channel display. Congrats.
  5. Thanks, I guess I'll just play around see what works, worst comes to worst I'll just turn down the intensity. Anyone know if CMB24D is counted as a DMX controller? I only have the basic licence in LOR, I hope I won't need there advanced licence, thats an unexpected cost of $90 :/
  6. Thanks, but I don't really need accuracy, Error rate said about 6 inches, I'm planning on 1ft error everything working on in my calculations. I don't really want to get on the roof unless I have to if you know what I mean.
  7. It is the coolest thing ever, it's a lot of fun, and totally worth it when you see all the smiles you get. As for the short on time thing, You don't have to make 100% custom squences your first year around. Or ever if you don't want to. Check this link out http://www.highcountrylights.com/links/free-sequences.html It's an index of many free sequences you can use. I suggest Chris' Sequences - LOR You will have to adapt them to work with your set up but the structure for the songs are there.
  8. Thanks for your comments, How could I connect my garage doors together? I planned on having each door on one channel. But your right each door is 22 ft in all. Do I just connect all 22 ft together and feed power to both ends? How would I connect power to the end of the 22ft? I wouldn't have any free channels on my controler. How would I go about getting power from my psu?
  9. Police? The Police actually help with a big light show in town. It's the Fred Loya Show And yes, welcome to the party Don't forget to explore RGB!
  10. No, the strips are RGB, there color coded to indicate different channels
  11. 6 strips across the roof. Each in it's own channel. Spec In this thread including how long each strip will be, with a crude drawing of what I'm planning on running the cables. My longest extension I don't think will be more than 50 feet.
  12. This is a mini mock up I did for the new controller I'm adding this year RGB from LOR Each Color Bar is one channel. All wires will feed into garage where I will keep Power and my Controler Full image here https://i.imgur.com/5yWQD7k.png Note: Measurements are very crude just to give me a basic idea. Measurements Were done with software
  13. As it turns out I won't be needed so much power for my roof Foot is about 50 ft, I had over estimated how many strips I was going to need. Question: what RGB Extension Cable should I get? What gauge should I look for? The cable will be run outside, across the roof and such.
  14. I'm a network Tech so I'm always working with wires splicing and such but never with electrical wire (except Power Over Ethernet), I will add a fire extinguisher to the shopping list, so cheap on amazon only $20. First year working with RGB and power supply like this. @plasmadrive Thanks for the great information
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