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  1. Might be interested if he passes or only wants part of it
  2. not sure what you mean??? My name is Blake Hunt hence the bhunt and the 240 is my house number lol
  3. Im in for 4 or 5 possibly
  4. As the title says im still looking for around 5 more controllers
  5. Email me if the deals fall through please... been away from the computer and missed out.. grrr lol palletco@gmail.com
  6. Gen2 or 3? Im not sure what year tge gen3 came out?
  7. well for starters amazing home!!! id definitely take advantage of the 4 dominant post on the porch for light poles (fire sticks) also the big 3 set windows you can do individual windows or bank each set of 3 together upper and lower love the A frame up high but will be risky for setup! (even the geometric shapes cut into the face of the A looks awesome!) outline the upper level gutter and then you have each little window and the front door etc... but as others have stated the use of RGB flood lights maybe your better option?? snag up some of the 50w or the 8 pcks when the sale starts (anyt
  8. iv went over everything many times this being my 3 year lor and over 200ch im familiar with making sure all the channels match accordingly, i got the trees to work great and the monsters do too it just drives me insane that during the O face on all 4 monster the upper lip seems to stay on for whatever reason... im going to rock it up to being a flaw in the prop?? ill see when the faces get here ill run a live test sorry for the poor grammer typing on a phone sucks in a hurry lol*
  9. update i tried the singing trees and they work great! so i must have a problem with either my sequence cant be interchanged with the monsters or... i need to download a new prop??
  10. i will take a video and post it to better explain my problem.... i purchased 14 sequences from holidaysequences.com and i love them i watched all his videos etc, i got the singing monster props and made them fit the correct channels and so on but when i play the downloaded sequence it looks like crap, granted he has the big rope light looking faces and i have the monsters from holidaycoro i figured the mouth movements would all be fairly close.... i have been working for 3 days on 1 sequence and i still cant get anything to properly align or look half way decent i changed his channel config
  11. Me personally i love the look of mine being 16ch all red all same direction... it gives you a lot of freedom as to slow or fast spirals... i used c6 light strands to give a bit fuller look without doubling the strands and also i dont see the point in wrapping a separate set in the opposite direction i would do as George described and run the strands together even though your not doing that to achieve the same look like George being that yours will be 2 separate colors and separate channels it will mainly help with setup and teardown just my 2cents
  12. we are also adding the Christmas and Halloween Holidaycoro faces this year so please anyone willing to share send them my way please! palletco@gmail.com thanks!!
  13. i have all of my elements grouped by color as stated above example: window 1 red window 2 red door red window 3 red window 4 red roof red window 1 green window 2 green door green window 3 green window 4 green roof green i use mine like this to create washes of color across the house and to create chases to change color instead of all switching at the same time and also to use multiple color variations
  14. bhunt240

    sequence ?

    I use 0.04 or 0.03 for all my timing and have only had to alter a timing grid on one song to get the exact timing needed.... usually i have no issues as going to .04 is 1/25th of a second
  15. I was thinking the same thing i bought 100 from wow and i have 70 of them up and the same thing i do not fade or use efx only on and off... i have only used them for less than half the season (waiting on spt wire lol) and i have had atleast 7 die out
  16. i am wanting to add a few light poles bunched together for animations and possibly a count down to start the show... i already have all the lights needed to make the poles if i do 8- 12' poles and 8 ch. per pole but now im thinking ill need more than 8 poles after going back and watching the downs family Christmas he has 16 poles and his distance from his display helps my poles would be less than 20' from the road..... i have a few questions though is 20-25' too close to the road to do them and get the right effects? if thats okay what would the recommended spacing be between poles? how ma
  17. i deff recomend odd number of channels i have 7ch arches and 9ch light poles
  18. Thank you!! What floods do you have facing out???
  19. i think im going with the base in a straight line like a pixel or ccr tree and im just buying extra lights and ill have to try it out
  20. Now we've changed our minds wer doing the roof grid tri color with c6 leds, making the spiral trees tri colors, adding red green and blue c6 leds to my white mini trees, adding 2- 5' purple spinners and making our own candy canes using rod and c6 red leds and the big things we are adding.... 2- 10' 2D trees 3 color 1- 20' 2D tree 3 color both with a large star topper and they will be on the roof ridge line! And to make it better it was my wifes idea!! Cant wait to get started
  21. I do a mixture of all genres kids favorite seems to be 2 lil jon "Turn down for what" Frozen song mashup dubstep remix of snow man and let it go adult favorite is dont stop the Santa man, its a remake of journeys dont stop believing
  22. I know that some have said the Martha Stewart lifgts do not fade but i have had target Phillips brand and ge and some from Walmart and they all worked fine last year but this year i went to all sealed fullwave leds from holiday light express. Com good luck & Merry Christmas!
  23. well we are planning our additions for next year and we are doing 2- 10' and 1- 20' tree on the roof ridge line all 3 will be 2d trees built similar to a pixel tree frame, a pole and a base of aluminum angle iron with hooks to attach each strand and a hook head on top. i have the trees drawn out and my dad will be building them in his fab shop for me as well as a platform to use on the roof to support the weight and distribute the load my only question is whats a good amount of lights to start with on the trees i was thinking 12 strands of red green and blue 35ct c6 leds on the 10' trees
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