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  1. A couple questions about trying to use superstar to make ccr arches. First time I have dabbled with ccr or any rgb for that matter and I have found some answers but wondering about a few things 1)Can superstar instant sequence program a string of 4-CCRs as 1 object? I.e. have an effect go from one string to the next instead of all 4 strings acting indepently? Wanting arches to act as 1 group instead of 4 2)Kind of unrelated but something I have been dealing with since I just updated to S5 as well. You can do an instant sequence on a visualization file but I have not found a way to make a visualization file now that Preview is part of S5 instead of visualizer. I have tried exporting preview files but they are not .lee files so have not been able to open as a visualization file. A previous post said that you could somewhat use a group'd visualization of CCR's to instant sequence and it worked better than doing a quick visualization of 4 ccrs Thanks in advance for any help...just trying to find an easy way to add some ccr arches to my current display/sequences
  2. if your still sharing i would love to see jacobross1984@me.com thanks in advance
  3. You mind sharing Bill P. Always looking for new 32 channel ideas jacobross1984@me.com Thanks
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