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  1. I've gotten so much help from everyone else, I thought I should share a sequence I did. This one is very popular on our house. It's called Christmas Sweatz by Rhett and Link. I don't believe I've seen anyone else do or share this song, and we get a lot of people comment that they really like it. You can see the sequence on our house a couple years ago below...I've added a few more pixels since then, but it's mostly the same: You can download from my dropbox here if interested - https://www.dropbox.com/s/2dqeotdr0qaobxb/Christmas Sweatz.zip?dl=0
  2. It is indeed a dim blue...bad pixel, eh? That's a bummer, these are brand new this year... I think the blinking is evenly spaced, but it's only when the light is on solid that it's noticeable...if it's off, nothing happens... And then the third set seems to display like an average of the string...not sure if that even makes sense...if something is on the string, it stays on slightly...I am not sure how best to describe it, so I went out and took a video of all three instances - thank you for your response! Any help you could provide from the video would be great!
  3. I have three cosmic color devices... Two ccp bullet pixel sets and one set of bulbs...they all act a little goofy, any ideas on what could fix it? All of them do as they are supposed to, but the first pixel on each strand of bullet pixels will blink on and off when it's supposed to be just on solid...and there is one random bulb in the bulb set that is just blue all day and returns to blue anytime that bulb has no activity...it works fine when it has a command, but when it is inactive, it just goes blue...just one bulb...not sure what to try... Any ideas?
  4. would love a copy! jordan.shew@gmail.com
  5. I resolved the issue. No need for help anymore. Thanks!
  6. I have some custom made extensions soldered in, and am having troubles at one location, and am now trying to backtrack the order of the wiring...IE Which wire on the Cosmic Color Pixel strings is what - Power, Ground, Data, Clock - Looking at the chip side, and seeing the 4 wires going into the pixel, the rightmost wire is ribbed, what is the order of the wires? I can't see into the pixel through the bullet covering to be able to read anything... What is the order of them starting with the ridged wire? and going across? Anyone know? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  7. I would also love a copy! Thanks! jordan.shew@gmail.com
  8. Sure! I'll check it out! jordan.shew@gmail.com Thanks!
  9. I'd love a copy! Thanks! jordan.shew@gmail.com
  10. I'd love a copy as well! jordan.shew@gmail.com Thanks!
  11. James, I realize this thread is now like 4 years of sending, but I would love a copy of this as well! jordan.shew@gmail.com Thanks!
  12. James, Could I get this as well? - jordan.shew@gmail.com I love pentatonix, but have never sequenced any of their songs... Thanks!
  13. I'd love to take a look at it as well! - jordan.shew@gmail.com
  14. Can I get a copy as well Sarge? - jordan.shew@gmail.com Thanks!
  15. Ok, so I looked into that briefly this morning, and The Floodlights are Unit 4 in my architecture, and the lights that are coming on are the first 8 of string 2 on Unit 3. When I have two strings on one unit, do I need to allow for two unit ID's? Is that a thing? I assumed one box, one unit id, but maybe the string seperation at the box is trying to treat it as two seperate units? Any thoughts on that?
  16. No, the pixels are cosmic color pixels. I have two sets of ccps, and its only happening on one of them...but can't figure out why... The cmb24d is controlling the floods...
  17. I'm not sure how to explain this other than after I got my lights up this weekend, whenever I have content in my rgb floodlights in the sequence, it also fires off a specific set of 8 rgb pixels from a different unit id...the entire network is LOR. No dmx. I have two sets of 100 pixels split into 50's(four sets of 50, not that that matters)... And cmb24d running the floods... The 8 pixels fire when they are supposed to, but then fire additionally when they are supposed to be flood lights... The flood lights also work when they are supposed to, but what would cause the 8 pixels to replicate the floods? Any guesses or suggestions to try would be greatly appreciated...
  18. Has anyone tried splicing and soldering more wire onto RGB Floods? at $12 a pop for 20 ft extension cords, I'm hoping I could create my own solution for much cheaper... Would some standard 18 gauge 4 core wire work? I'd hate to cut up my new floods without knowing whether it will work or not...In theory, I would think it would, but does anyone see any issue with doing that instead of the purchased extension cords? assuming I also heat wrapped and water proofed(water resistant) them...
  19. I too would love a copy if it's still available! jordan.shew@gmail.com
  20. I would also love a copy of this! not sure if I will use it or not at this point of the year, but would love to have it! jordan.shew@gmail.com
  21. I'm a newbie this year (just bought everything about 2 weeks ago, but already have 10 sequences ready to go for my 16 channel debut). When I installed Light O Rama on both my sequencing computer and my running PC I made my file paths both be on my Google Drive space. This way as I update my files, they are automatically saved/synced to both PC's...So, I setup my show on a laptop that is shut and running all day every day under a couch, but I can still update my files from my home PC. I haven't tried editing shows that way, but in theory, as long as I'm editing the show that the laptop plans on playing, it should work. Just a thought...
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