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  1. I originally started out with the HC "Tune To" sign and then switched to a three line scrolling sign so I could put out more info.
  2. Go to the "Sequence Sharing" forum.
  3. Make sure the Control Panel is running.
  4. Update the firmware, I think the newest is somewhere around v1.07 now.
  5. In your Network Preference screenshot you have 16 different ip addresses, one for each universe. You should only have one ip address for the controller then different universes for each port if you wish. Also if you are 200 pixels per port you are going to have rollover so port one would be universe 1&2, port 2 would be universes 3&4 if you are not pixel packing.
  6. This should be posted in the Coffee Shop.
  7. Sometimes the boxes will look empty because the channels are collapsed. Just because you don't see any sequencing doesn't mean they aren't there, you would have to expand the channels.
  8. Happy to help, give me a call again if need be you have my number.
  9. Black common or +12 v is the same thing, common positive. The black +12v feeds power to all three colors and the R, G, and B wires are negative.
  10. The only way I know to run a dumb controller off a Alphapix is thru the RS485 ports.
  11. So are you attempting to run a dumb controller like a CMB24D and floods off the RS485 outputs on the Alphapix?
  12. On gray electrical pvc one end is already flared like a built in coupler like you described. No need to glue or screw just push them together and pull them apart at the end of the season for storage. Also no need for supports or guide ropes as the arches will stay up even in storms.
  13. I use the C9 pix-a-bulb/ brilliant bulb smart pixels and control them with a Falcon 4. I prefer the gray electrical pvc pipe as it is darker in color so hides easier in the dark and I just electrical tape the smart pixels along the outside curve of the arch. I also use the C9 pixels for my yard perimeter and my roof so I have a ton of them.
  14. I run four driveway arches and I use 1.5 inch Gray electrical pvc, 34 feet long to span an 18 foot driveway. I take 2 inch pvc 18 inches long and put them one foot in the ground on each side of the driveway and slip the 1.5 inch pipe inside them.
  15. You will need to setup your Network Preferences on the show computer. You can go in to NP and export them from the garage computer and import them to the show computer.
  16. Nothing, I haven't been adding to the show this year. Instead, I have been doing things to make the show setup faster and easier to add on. I have added six 20 amp circuits to a sub-panel in my basement so that adds three 20 amp outlets to both ends of the house. I also installed four 15 amp outlets to the roof so I no longer have to string extension cords off the roof.
  17. Run flat cat6 cable through a window. It lays completely flat and you can still fully close the window. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00WD017DE/?coliid=I2W7X3HDRHSXMK&colid=61DMUXRRSCM3&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  18. Yep, most common networks for most people are and I on the other hand am not average and always change my home networks to something like and my show is
  19. What is the IP for the ethernet port on your computer. Most have them set for DHCP so the computer gets the IP from the router. You need to go in to the ethernet settings for the computer and set the IP for static and give it, this way you are in the same subset as the pixielink.
  20. Make your own, vampire plugs and some SPT wire.
  21. Double check the controller/starting location in the programming. I don't know about S5 but in SS you designate bottom left, bottom right and so on.
  22. Dang, you all are some old farts in here. 😁
  23. Hey dibble, ummm I mean Chance, I keep getting the two of you confused. 😁
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