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  1. As stated, the ELLs don't work above 115k. You can check speeds here: http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/
  2. In the top left of the pic on the board it says Light-O-Rama something something V1. That should tell you what it is.
  3. I have had these clips from HC on my eaves for the last seven years as my eave lights stay up year round. https://www.holidaycoro.com/Half-Inch-Lexan-Pipe-Mounting-Clip-p/770.htm
  4. The best led lights depend on how much money you want to spend. You can get premium, sealed, full wave lights for $40 a string or you can go cheap with lights from the big box stores. Personally I just go with the cheap ones, I hit the after Christmas sales and get my lights for $2 a box as most of my viewer wouldn't be able to tell the difference between full wave and half wave anyway with so many lights going. Also, if a string goes bad I just throw them away, it's $2.
  5. You can watch LOR tutorials here: http://www1.lightorama.com/tutorials/
  6. My bad jr, I thought you used software. You have more patience doing faces manually then I do. 😁
  7. I know jr and james use software for the voices but Bob also has Papagayo you can try. http://itsmebob.com/SD.html
  8. I usually just open the wave form at the top, you can usually see when hard beats hit.
  9. If you are meaning playing a specific section within your sequence you can select "Play Range" under the "Play" drop down at the top. As far as picking out certain beats, you can't do.
  10. My wife normally goes out to cars and gives out candy canes to kids but this year she is passing.
  11. Are you talking about GE led flood light bulbs that you screw into a fixture? Some of those bulbs are not instant on and won't react fast enough for a shimmer as the shimmer is very fast.
  12. If lights work in HU but not in sequencer then 99% of the time it is a config issue. Send us more info on how how you have your controllers configured.
  13. Red would end up green, green would be blue, up would be down total chaos. 🤣
  14. Is the Vixen software capable of converting to LOR? I know Xlights can import a Vixen file and then convert to a LOR file.
  15. I don't use S5 but from my understanding from other posts you should play your show through in advance to get all the files you need.
  16. There are not only differences between dumb RGB and smart pixels but there is also many difference in pixels. Learn more about pixels: http://www.doityourselfchristmas.com/wiki/index.php?title=Different_Styles_of_Pixels
  17. I use these 3 pin waterproof connectors on things like my trees and matrix.
  18. I use flat cat5 out the window so the window will still close completely.
  19. The issue with a fogger is that it needs to stay heated. You would plug the fogger into a regular outlet to keep it supplied with power 100% of the time. Then you would use LOR through the IDMX1000 to act as the switch to initiate the fog. Or you could do something like this:
  20. How about a double threat to go along with that as I don't use faces.
  21. If you have a second computer you can always download S5 and try it out for free. Who knows, maybe you are one of those geniuses who can pick it up pretty quick, I know I'm not. 😁
  22. You are currently on S4 and as Phil stated you will want to wait to upgrade to S5 next year. S5 is completely different software with a large learning curve. You won't have enough time to learn it this year.
  23. I also noticed that when you post in a thread a little star appears next to the thread title. That has disappeared in the update.
  24. Did you first connect the Pixcon to your computer via the ethernet port and set it up? Follow the Pixcon checklist step by step: 1. Some pixels have a front and a back. Ensure you know which side data goes IN to. Pixels from LOR can accept data from either end, are plainly marked, or are pre-wired. 2. Pixels have a voltage. Ensure you have the proper power supply. LOR Pixels are 5v. If your pixel package from LOR included a power supply, you do not need to worry about this step. 3. Pixels have current draw (amperage). Ensure you are not exceeding the amps per chann
  25. This year I have painted the interior, replaced all my floors and right now I am having a new 900sf covered deck installed and all new siding. I have crews all over my yard and I have told them they need to be done, cleaned up and gone by October 5th. I'm gonna be cutting it close this year.
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