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  1. But that is my point, as it is now it's just a BS session as anyone can ask a question in the forums or on FB and get an answer, no need to attend the zoom room. Now granted there are a lot of tutorials and Youtube videos but the thing about them is if you have a question when going through them there is nobody to answer. At least with a mini class someone is there to answer questions along the way.
  2. Good gathering last night. Suggestion, could we maybe get an agenda? Maybe the first 30 minutes could be someone giving a class on a particular subject like maybe JR giving a class on face sequencing and the last 30 minutes being a general Q&A. Example topics: -Face sequencing -E1.31 controllers -Pixie setup -S5 basics
  3. Also update your license level in your profile. Once you start getting into pixels you will need a higher license.
  4. Chrome Remote Desktop if you use Chrome as your browser.
  5. Yeah, but what you consider fun is a headache for most others. 😁
  6. 100% baby, put on my sunglasses and tanning lotion and light em up. Then I waive the aircraft off.
  7. I had a kid come up to me years ago when he was 14 and asked if it would be alright to scare people at my Halloween show. I told him fine as long as he leaves the little ones alone. After that show he helped me take it down and has been helping me with the Halloween and Christmas show setups every year since. He is now 22 and it is nice have a young person doing all the heavy and climbing stuff for me. He is like part of the family now.
  8. I know that, I am telling him, without telling him, to get a Falcon. 😁
  9. If you are running on a PC why not try using the E1.31 network as it can handle thousands of pixels. I run 52 controllers on two networks, one LOR RS485 network for my twelve CTB16 and CMB24 controllers and one E1.31 network for all my pixels on 40 controllers.
  10. I really wish they would update these manuals. I know originally the were 170 pixels and one universe.
  11. I think a Pixie maxes out at 170 pixels and can't round robin channels.
  12. You know me, I will always go for a CLAP meeting. Hi, my name is Mr. P and I have the CLAP.
  13. Why put yourself through all this headache. Drop four strands and do a 32 strand tree, it would be so much easier. Two pixie16's, 100 pixels per strand starting from the bottom, no bends, no mid strands, no power issues, just so much easier. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. No offense 😁
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