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  1. For about 150.00 you can pick up a used Dell Latitude e6530 i7. With a decent SSD, your show will be plenty fast. I have been running my show on one for a few years.
  2. This is a helpful topic. I have one with only one 16 channel box hooked to 16 small 300 LED trees, which trips several times each night... Even when dry out. I think I will replace the controller next year and see if it works properly.
  3. I appreciate this feature. I have had video content stolen and someone else was making money from my work. It was easy for YouTube to catch them. All the music in our shows are copyrighted, well unless you are making your own music... Just be grateful they are allowing you to post something. Youtube is free.
  4. Becareful what you wish for! I just got in from picking up trash from the sides of the road. "The diapers are always a bonus. I love mountain folk and their charitable giving." They might not have much money but the are very generous when it comes to leaving trash on the side of the roads. With a light show also comes the azzholes. I do the show because I like to look at the lights, not for the other people. I do the same basic charity as you are doing. Toys For Tots - two legged animals. Your charity might be focused towards better educated and disiplined recipients.
  5. I sent in 6 controllers and the turn around time was amazing. How could anyone be upset? It is Christmas time. I plan ahead for failed componets. Those spring sales really help when it comes to having spares. So for me, just having your team willing to fix the stuff I break affordably is a huge bonus. Thanks to you and your team Mike. Thumbs up from me. 👍
  6. I don't do pixels but I do feel your pain. I am so far behind... I had my front yard giving me problems. I kept messing around moving network cables. I found one of my RJ45's bad. Then the next morning it felt like all my progress was for nothing. Opened up box 31 to the smell of burnt electrical. A capacitor had a melt down. Lucky I have five spares on the shelf. Replaced 31 with the bad Cap and 32 with the bad RJ45 and the whole front section is lit up and talking fine. I should have taken this year off.
  7. I go with #4. I am 1.5 hours north of them. I go to dead people's auctions every Friday night. People move here and die. The family comes in, usually from FL, picks through the house for what they think is the good stuff and the rest goes to the auction. When I die, the person I willed all of my stuff to, from FL, will not have any clue what a controller box is or what to do with fifty of them. I think it will be completely overwhelming when they go under the house and see all of the totes full of Christmas crap. I will be dead, so I don't care if they give them away
  8. I jumped out and looked. There are quite a few for sale right now. And all of them are bringing some decent money. Good Luck. I think I will list my older ones soon.
  9. I have plywood panels now. I have an 8' tall elf house, Toy Shop and a reindeer stable. You just pre -drill the holes, then hot glue the light into the hole. Good outdoor paint and they last for years. Much more durable than coro.
  10. I hate arguing on the internet... Big Lots lights are 120 count. Open the box and you have two sets of 60 LEDs or one set of 120 LEDs. Cut them where there is only two wires and you have two sets of 30 LEDs. 7 feet. Whether it is 20 lights or 20,000 light, you will always need two wires to plug into the wall to turn on the string, power and neutral. Maybe the light strings you are using are different... My lights are from Big Lots and Home Depot and there is always two wires somewhere in the string where a section can be cut safely.
  11. I have cut hundreds of store bought LED's without any failures. You can only cut them where there are two wires. Coro does not last long enough. I have coro which is flaking away right now as I type. 3/8" plywood is not that heavy unless you are 90yo.
  12. I am thinking of making my own this year. Those videos are going to make life easier. http://www.holidaycoro.com/RGB-Singing-Christmas-Tree-p/100rgb.htm I am thinking about a 4'x8' talking tree and a 4'x8' talking Santa using 3/8" plywood. You can usually cut a 100 LED string into three sections. As long as there are sections with two wires, you will be fine. I do this all the time. 33 LEDs makes a 7' section.
  13. I ran a few boxes at my next door neighbors house a few years ago. My new neighbor wants to join my show next year. I am looking forward to it. I just ran data cable over there. I have only had one successful year using ELL. I have four ELL I tried using and they just would not talk. I still have two new in the box.
  14. Home Depot went 50% off the week before Christmas. HD and Big Lots seem to have the best over the counter LED strings and easy to cut to 33-35 light sections. (7 feet) Lowes LEDs a re terrible quality. Wal-Mart is not much better.
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