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  1. How do i know if they are crossover cables and if they are what am i supposed to be using.
  2. I tried that i ended up unhooking all the controllers to test the jacks and rj45 cables. Both Jacks on all the controllers work when plugging one controller into the rs485 but when I Plug any of the other 3 in the lights never stop blinking and they dont show up in the HWU. Yes I changed the Unit IDs I tested the cables I have the Black adapter but I do have a mix of Gen 2 and 3.
  3. I have 4 controllers this year and im having a problem daisy chaining the contollers they all work great on there own. When I hook them together with cat5 cable only the first contoller works. The Led is solid on the first one blinking on the second. I have tested the cat 5 cable. What else could it be.
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