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  1. I currently have 4...16 channel residential controllers, 4...50 watt rgb floods, and 1...pixie 16 controller(simple) cor a ccr tree. All of this is on 1 network and now lags ever since I added the ccr tree. Do I need to change the speed of the network from 57.6k to 500k or do I need to put the ccr tree on its own network? what is the best thing and how do I do it? Thanks
  2. How do you transfer all your songs and sequences from an old computer to a new one.
  3. Does anyone have a sequence for star wars that they would like to share or do you know where one can be purchased? Thank you for your help. My email is bcowboysw@yahoo.com
  4. Please share if you have a star wars sequence. Love the movies and want to celebrate with the new opening. May the force be with us. Sorry my email is bcowboysw@yahoo.com thank you.
  5. I'm still pretty new to this and would love to try this song this year. My email is bcowboysw@yahoo.om if somebody would like to share. Thank you
  6. Does anyone have or know where i could get a sequence to the song light em up?
  7. Does anyone have or know where i could buy or get a sequence to the song light em up?
  8. Could i get a copy of this...im new and could use all the help i can get...thanks... bcowboysw@yahoo.com
  9. I would like to get some polar express sequences if anyone wants to share. My email is bcowboysw@yahoo.com any 32 sequence would be much appreciated and helpful. Thanks
  10. I am a newbie and need help. I got the shotime central which you add shows to an sd card....the sd card came with a few songs but i want to add some. How do i do this. I have tried to download some peoples free sequences with the mp3 files but everytime i try and add the sequence in the hardware it says the mp3 isnt there. All help is welcome with this. thanks
  11. Im new and just got this and i cant figure out how to add sequences to the sd card to make the show longer....it says the mp3 file isnt there but i have it so i must be doing something wrong. Please help.
  12. Can any of these sequences be used if i only have 32 channels? Thanks
  13. im a newbie with 32 channels could you send me a copy please. i love this song. bcowboysw@yahoo.com
  14. I also am new with 32 channels and need help. thanks bcowboysw@yahoo.com
  15. I am also a newbie and have a tree. I would love any song that would work well with the 16 channel tree. Thanks bcowboysw@yahoo.com
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