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  1. Incandescent Mini-Lights for sale. All new in original boxes. Color - Multi 50 Count – $0.35 per set (80 sets) plus shipping 100 Count - $0.65 per set (45 sets) plus shipping Color – Green 100 Count - $0.75 per set (95+ sets) plus shipping Color – Red 100 Count - $0.75 per set (100+ sets) plus shipping Please e-mail: minilights2011@gmail.com
  2. 5 Controllers Left. 100 Count Incandescent Reds & Greens & Multi Color sets available.
  3. Preview attachment 20201122_123810.jpg 20201122_123810.jpg 3.1 MB
  4. I have 10 of the CTB16PC Gen 1 I haven't used in a few years. Factory assembled boards. $100 each plus any shipping cost. Red, Green and Multi-Color 100 count mini lights for sale also. These are all new in the box never opened. Red - 6 cases (12 to a case) $12 for the case + any shipping cost Green - 7 cases (12 to a case) $12 for the case + any shipping cost Individual boxes of red and green and Multi-Color also. Please e-mail me at minilights2011@gmail.com if interested.
  5. I've let it sit for 5 minutes and still can't play until I click save. Also crashed twice after adding SS sequence.
  6. Just updated to V5.5.8 Pro. When I sequence in Super Star,exit SS and save the SS changes in S5, I now get this screen when I try to play back the sequence if I don't save the sequence first.
  7. Alan, This prop is a hit in my display! Thank you so much for helping with the pattern. I wish I had a good camera to post a video. Can't wait to see what you are doing for 2020. Thank you again and have a Very Merry Christmas. Jeff (from Wisconsin)
  8. Thanks Default for creating the video!! This is a very cool prop to have. The combinations of effects is endless. Remember to "Save" your effects. Also remember to SAVE your sequence often!! Thanks for all the support you have given for me to have this prop in my display this year. It really will give that WOW effect!
  9. Just finished building this prop. Many thanks to Defult for printing the pattern and getting it to me. When I started this prop, the pattern didn't seem very big. But once all built, it is. And I do have to say very cool. Took a few hours over the weekend to get it built. I actually cut the frame and put hinges so hopefully I will be able to fold it after the season and store it in the basement. (assembled , it didn't fit up the basement steps. I added some emt conduit on the back just to add additional support for those winter storms we get. I used a small drill bit to mark the holes through the paper pattern. Then I used the step up bit to 12mm to drill the 800 holes. That actually went fast. About 2 hours. I've played with some sequencing in S5. You really can do some interesting effects.
  10. I can relate with Speedster. Also in WI. Even though it was a milder winter..Going out at night fixing things that didn't work and freezing your hands... "Why do I keep doing this? I don't want to do this anymore, next year." But already planning this years.
  11. Brian's support is well worth every $$.. I've been with SS before it was part of LOR. Brian has always responded and resolved any issues I've had with SS. Merry Christmas Everyone and Especially to Brian and his family!
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