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  1. Can I get a copy of this sequence it is great!!! tigreloco369@hotmail.com
  2. I will definitely go with smart then, I guess my next research will be in figuring out what controller I will need to make them work, I welcome any suggetsions. Thanx and if (when) I have more questions I will definitely ask again.
  3. Hello Fellow light enthusiasts, this year I plan on changing it up a bit and working with RGB or RWBG* (for respect to America), I plan on having a ful 360 (maybe 270) round 15'-20' ft mega tree and 2 8'-10' ft spiral trees, but I'm not sure what is my best (cheaper) option. At first I was thinking about uing dumb rgb pixels but read that after buying the hardware needed to control them it almost comes out same as if I get the smart rgb? I'm also reading through the forum and trying to find out what I need to control these rgb lights but see many people using different ones according to what t
  4. anybody have a frosty the snow man or Rudolph the rednose they can share? tigreloco369@hotmail.com
  5. Tonybiviano can you send me a copy please tigreloco369@hotmail.com
  6. Hello James, once again I would like a copy of your sequences, Frosty the snowman and I'm pretty sure you would have Rudolph the red nose reindeer to share please. tigreloco369@hotmail.com THANK YOU!
  7. Anybody have this song sequenced they can share would greatly appreciate it. tigreloco369@hotmail.com
  8. I did find one that someone didn't want. Thanx for your replies and suggestion.
  9. can you share "that's Christmas to me" to me please tigreloco369@hotmail.com
  10. I found one that I liked just waiting for deal to go through. thank you guys!
  11. Please send me one also. tigreloco369@hotmail.com Thank you!
  12. Steven you have a good deal there but its a bit more than what I want to spend let me see if anything else comes up. Mike what is the estimated delivery time & price to Houston TX 77089?
  13. Anybody have a mini director they looking to sell, please let me know.
  14. I just sent a pm almost same time you posted this. I will use the link then thank you.
  15. boyinaband has some good dub remix. I'm thinking on working on one of them this year "Christmix 2013"
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