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  1. Thanks bbass101, you are correct about the E1.31 controller. I corrected the problem a couple days ago and all is working well. Thanks for your input.....
  2. Yes Sir, it's running. Bye the way, Thanks for all you Videos, they really helped me get started.
  3. Hi to all. My system has been working fine until yesterday. All of a sudden when I'm in the Sequence Editor my lights are blue when the red boxes are entered and my lights are red when my blue boxes are entered. All other colors work fine? Everything else works work as it should. What Happened? Any help will be greatly appreciated. System; Light-o-rama v3.11.2, S3 software upgrade to advanced +. 3 - CTB16PC controller Units 1- USB-485 1- SanDevice E6804 Control Board 2 - GE G-35 Color Effect RGB strings, 50 each 1- 5V DC 8.0 Amp power supply
  4. Hello All, while working on a program a strange thing happend and I can't fine what I did. When I click the play button all tool bar buttons stop working execpt the view animation,view fades & ramps, view channel buttons, and view channel buton colors. The stop play button will not work. To stop the program I have to click on the play button on the menu and click stop. Anybody have any ideas. Thanks.......Charles
  5. I did talk to Ray and he sent me the same picture with the wire marked. But be careful the pigtail that has the wires marked is on the outlet side of the light. So if you turn the light to the inlet side the D+ and NEG are reversed, I think. Not sure, because my network switch was delayed and I'm not sure how to use an old wireless router as a switch. So, I'll have to wait another day before I can hook up my lights. This is as bad as a kid looking at his presents under the Christmas Tree. Thanks for you input. I'm just a beginner with RGB and appreciate any help.
  6. Yes Sir, I did but I have been waiting weeks for all my new hardware to arrive and was excited about getting started this weekend and was hoping someone else could help. Thanks for your reply.
  7. I purchased a set of 50 C7 DC5V 5050 SMD WS2811 LED Technicolor Pixels from Ali Express and they did not come with the input wires marked. Does anybody know how to identify the order of the positive, negative and data wires. See attached web page for more information. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Technicolor Wiring.txt
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