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  1. I put in a ticket yesterday and was told a couple more weeks. So much for using the Pixie8 for halloween.
  2. I had the same problem with a Halloween prop trigger with a door bell button. Does your button have a light? If so that is the cause of your misfiring trigger. Don't know the technical terms but the path the current uses to power the light causes the trigger to fire. If you can take the button apart cut with a knife the trace used to power the light. If not go get a door bell that does not have a light button.
  3. Caniac, Glad to see you up and running.
  4. I wrap the ends of my tomato cages that stick into the ground with black electrical tape. Stop the GFCI from popping in wet conditions.
  5. It can be done. The rubber plug has 2 holes and there is enough room for the cables inside the box.
  6. Is that the house with alot of blow molds in the yard?
  7. I would be there also depending on the date.
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