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  1. Sorry for my very late response, I had forgotten I posted this. We have been setting up the show for 2 weeks already, which jogged my memory. I'll take a look at the responses, thanks Rick. Can't wait for my wifes's Halloween stuff to get out of the way....lol
  2. Hello all, I posted a similar thread years ago with no response. I started 7 or 8 years ago with 16 channels and now we are running 112 channels with 35k in lights (nothing like some of the folks here) Thank god my yard is small... I basically run 2 shows in one, about a 25 minute light show (mostly TSO) and 35 minutes static lights with a few hand made props and 64 inflatables with classic xmas music running. The static show drops automatically when the light show starts, then automatically goes back to static. Our hip roof is covered in lights with 6 arches over the driveway and
  3. Mine are all led as well, my controllers are in the garage, only saw about 4 strings with slightly lit this morning. It has to be in the controllers as none of my lights not in the show exhibit this.
  4. I'm into week 2 of my show, this morning I walked out the door to head to work and I have about a fifth of my lights (about 8k) dim to almost fully lit. I have seen this on a few string in past years but nothing like this!! Any clue what's causing this? It did get cold with rain all day yesterday here.. Thanks, Rick
  5. No responses, at least I know my search skills are not dead....lol
  6. ACDC, Metallica ect... A Boston song would be awesome, my 9 yr olds favorite band
  7. Hello all, I'm looking for 80's rock/ metal sequences, can't seem to find any. I run 4 shows a night from Thanksgiving thru Christmas and would like to incorporate a rock show for one hour on a Friday night. Does anyone know a place I might be able to find some? Thanks, Rick
  8. Thanks for the responses,.. I know that the floods have there own controllers, and need to be addressed, but they need to have an input side to work.., just need to know where the input comes from assuming I have CMB24D after my 3 controllers. I still need to know if there is a distance limitation for the cat-5 between my last controller and CMB24, it looks like my layout will be 70 feet.. I'm thinking I will connect this way: 3 16 channel controllers, then CMB24D, then daisy chain the 2 floods. Rick
  9. How far can I run a CAT-5 cable from a 16 CH controller to CMB24D? Last year it was only 20' without a problem. I daisy chained 3, 16 channel controllers, then to CMB24D. Also, I now have 2, 50 watt rgb floods, they have 2 cat-5 connections on them, how do I plug them in to the above ? Instructions are vague at best. I'm thinking that I daisy chain into the other, then connect the input side on the output side of CMB24D? Is there a distance limitation of the flood cat-5 length, and can I put the floods before CMB24D? Thanks in advance, Rick
  10. To clarify, I have 8 strands, 5 work. One has a bad solder joints, the other 2 work fine when connected to any of the 5 working leads. My thought was that I have connection issues but I moved them on the board to test...they work on existing (working) ports on the board. It seems to me that there should be a way to test each strand by itself...I cannot do that.
  11. I may to upgrade, I can't test RGB in the hardware console. All I read is LOR advanced hardware v3.9.0 Where can I find the software version? If I need to upgrade, what do I need to select for an upgrade? Thanks in advance... Rick
  12. I just re-scanned with all 4, It now shows up with all 4 listed, but cmb still shown as "04-Unknown device???" but it appears to allowing me to control it individually. Can I just run with "04-Unknown device???"
  13. I added a cmb24d to my 3 existing controllers. In hardware when I refresh, It only sees the 3 controllers who's unit ID's are 1,2 and 3 When I test the lights, all come on along with 5 of the 8 RGB strands (I believe the 3 off are a different issue) I connected the CMB24D directly to the PC without the 3 controllers and re-scanned... CMB shows up as "01-Unknown device???" I changed the dip switch to set the unit ID to 4, re-scanned and it shows up as "04-Unknown device???" Happy Thanksgiving All! Rick
  14. I am adding an the 24 channel RGB controller this year....with no idea how I was going to incorporate these ribbons into my show.. I have 48 regular channels now. I have a decent handle now with what I want to do with them, but need to know the best way the make 180 degree turns with them? Also I have been told there is a way to install them in a shaded clear pipe to create a solid looking color within the pipe... does anyone have a link I can research? As a last question, I'm looking for people in the San Antonio area to share knowledge with... (not that I have much to give) Thank
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