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  1. I'm doing some cleanup on my computers, I bought a new one and my old one is replacing my old dedicated show computer. I'm trying to clean up duplicate copies of music, sequences and other "stuff." I have lots of backups of everything, too many in fact. I found a great set of tools called dupeGuru which found a bunch of duplicate music in LORInternal CanonicalAudio folders. Experience has taught me to not mess with internal program folders like this but I am curious about the purpose of these folders? Any insight would be helpful.
  2. I would like a copy as well gregshoop@hotmail.com
  3. I plan to add Fireflies this year and this discussion was VERY educational and written so even a dummy like me could understand most of it. I have a question that has not been addressed, how do the wireless Easy Light Linkers effect the network and bandwidth?
  4. I'm planning on adding Firefli arches to my LOR display this year. There is SO much information in the forums that I'm having a hard time making sense of it all. Since you've already done it (quite well I may add), do you have any suggestions for things I need to watch out for? I believe I need to get one of the D-Light USB connectors to set the unit number of the FF and keep the firmware upgraded. My plan is to add the FF at the end of some daisy-chained LOR controllers. Some posts say this will work fine while other say I need to run a separate network for the FF. I appreciate any advise you can offer.
  5. I have similar issues. I'm going to try some U/V (Blacklight) spotlights shining on my crypt. I may have to use regular white spots to get the desired result. I am going to highlight the edges with U/V reactive paint to give it some definition.
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