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  1. I think I solved my own problem. I upgraded to 4.2.0 Beta and the .wav file now loads with no issues.
  2. I'm trying out Pixel Editor. I have selected the sequence that was created from the sequence editor into Pixel Editor. The sequence loads, but I get the following error message: Unable to load: C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\My Documents\Light-O-Rama\Audio\Show2015.wav Negating the minimum value of a twos complement number is invalid. Um .. huh? What did I do wrong (other than wake up this morning)?
  3. My novice guess at an answer would be yes, that is true. I know the CCBs and CCPs have 4 wires, which is typical of intelligent RGB nodes.
  4. I ordered 3 CCBs and 2 CCPs during the sale. I received them yesterday (yippee!!!). Tonight, I had a chance to mess with one of them. So I unpacked the first box I have and put it thru it's paces. Each CCB has two strings of 50 bulbs per string. In one string, about 1/2 of the bulbs do not work correctly. On the other string, they all work. On the string that about 1/2 are out, there is an open somewhere. Moving the bulbs cause the out bulbs to occasionally blink white for just a moment. So I'm going to now take them all out and check them. Need to see how many work, how many don't wo
  5. Well, that's true. I've heard that since the coro flakes are made of coroplast, they don't get soggy, either.
  6. Unlike everyone else, I have a great big problem with Holiday Coro. The problem is that they have waaayyyyy too many things I want. I have to choose between a coro flake and eating, or coro stars and paying my mortgage. It's a very tough decision to make.
  7. Great idea, TJ .. thanks. If/when LOR ever gets the CCBs assembled and ready to ship (and that's starting to look like a long wait) I'll give it a try. Mike Maness
  8. Provided you want to only control the lights, it appears fine .. other than enough extension cords to connect lights to controller and to power controller. I don't remember, but doesn't each wireless link come with a short Cat5 cable? If so, you're good to go on that.
  9. Guess I need to write a disclaimer here .. although I hesitate. Everytime I write a disclaimer about a previous post, some troll comes along and has his say. That being said, let it be known that I am NOT complaining. I just have a question. That's all. I dealt with 'another company' for the first 2 years of doing this. I got fed up with them, switched to LOR, and haven't looked back. LOR is Light Years ahead of anyone else. Better prices, better service, and their stuff works! So I am not complaining. I'm just wondering if my order got twisted to the side because I specified my work
  10. If all that doesn't work, is it possible that there is something (the little 'Klingons', or very faint pieces of left over ramp/fades) that might be in another track or the background? Just a thought
  11. Update: Sent in a question to LOR asking if the CCBs/CCPs were delayed. Got a response from Chuck Smith saying that Try For Free items would be delayed up to 8 weeks. WTF? I didn't do this as a Try For Free and said so in my question.
  12. Well, this is telling: on Aug 5th (Sunday a week ago), I ordered three CCBs and two CCPs. After reviewing my needs this year, on Aug 10th (Friday) I ordered another controller kit so I'd have a spare. I got notification while ago that the controller kit has shipped, but the CCBs and CCPs have not yet shipped. I'm thinking (and I'm not very good at thinking - causes me to have a headache) that the CCBs and CCPs are not quite ready for shipment, yet. They're in the sale, yes, but not ready to ship.
  13. Hardest thing I had to learn is that sequences are never completed, they're only abandoned. Every year, as people Ooohh and Ahhhh at your sequence, you can only see the areas you could have done better. And even worse, when you see someone else's show, you'll think about how you would do it differently. Your perspective changes once you are the one creating the blinkie lights. It's an addiction that there is no known cure other than total Visa meltdown.
  14. No chill pill needed. Just wondering when it'll ship because others have received their orders, and yet others have received notifications. I'm not worried .. my order is in and know I'll get it. Kinda hard to believe .. the long awaited CCBs are almost here. It's been a long, long wait - just gotta wait a little longer.
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