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  1. Hi old sarge this is what I came up with from the audio that you sent me thanks old sarge for sharing
  2. Hi EmmienlightFan yes RGB dumb strips yes I know the vid is a bit average it is the first vid that I have ever done what video editing softwear do you recommend I download thanks to those that have given me your thoughts on my lights it is good to hear what people think sometimes because I know that a lot of time goes into doing a LOR display ???
  3. this is my first vid that I have ever put on the Internet this was one of the songs I done for 2015 please let me know what you all think Spent a lot of time putting all this up and even more time programing it so would love to hear your thoughts
  4. Don What would be my other option to run something like this that will run with LOR like emminemlightfan said I have seen way more pixels ran with LOR then that I was thinking it would be the best and quickest way to make a matrix
  5. Was just wondering if any one has used something like this pixel curtain wiht LOR was thinking it may be a quick way of making a pixel matrix
  6. Cheap ha mate I am all ready running a 12ccr tree 2x cmb24d RGB controllers 1x cmb16d controller so my house is covered in RGBs so I do not mean cheap I mean the best price for pixels and controllers I have been doing this for a few years just have not got into pixels yet as I add something new every year to change the look of my house Thank you to philmassey and wmilkie for a straight answer And I think I am doing the right hobby THANKYOU
  7. Was just wondering what is the best and cheapest pixels and controllers to use what I am planing for next year is a fence or roof full of pixels so I can do some cool effects it will be something like a matrix but on a big scale hope I can find something that is not going to cost me the world I have seen vids of people doing this so would love some feed back from people that have done this thanks in advance HEFFO
  8. Got this all sorted wiring was all over the place thanks for the help all
  9. Done some testing tonight one ribbon of lights is wrong colour to the rest So what I have is two dumb strips linked together by a " Y " in the middle one is changing the right colour let's say blue and the other one is red when it should be blue as well can not work out why this is so I was just thinking if I run them on two seperate channels should this work and the colours will be both blue at the same time
  10. Thanks old sarge you are a ledgend let me start programming and see what I come up with
  11. Hi old sarge would love to get a copy of even just the MP3 been looking for this and can make own sequence thanks in advance Heffo Brent-simone@bigpond.com
  12. Same for me I am in Australia something that was $400 was going to cost like $900 bloody Aussie dollar $1.00 Aus = $0.70 U.S. I am hearing you
  13. If anyone is interested I have photos of my CCR tree I made but for some reason it won't let me upload them on hear so if you want them let me know your email and I will be more then happy to flick them over to you
  14. Hi sjsocane was just wondering if I can get a copy of the song as I can not seem to find it j81grey@gmail.com Cheers in advance
  15. Arrrrrrrrrr back to were I was about time something went right
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