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  1. I am hoping someone has a sequence to share for Lindsey Stirling's Celtic Carol. it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I want to add my own problem in here and I think the answer I get might address some of the others posted above. So my problem is that I have just started adding 10W RGB floods. I have a 27 channel DMX controller from Holiday Coro and the LOR/DMX adapter cable (for Cat5). When I connect, power and test the floods with DIP switch 10 on, the test pattern works just fine. Once I connect the DMX board to my LOR controllers, I get nothing. My configuration is: PC -> RS232 -> Cat5 daisy chained to my 7 controllers -> LOR/DMX adapter (Cat5) ->Cat5 -> 27 Channel DMX Controller -
  3. I am having the same issue, but with 3 plugs on the same controller. Have you had any replies to fix this?
  4. Can I get a copy of The Ventures please. docmacdonald@hotmail.com
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