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  1. I have them Gremlins as well, took out a fuse on a power supply as well half of my data line is now not working.Mmmmm
  2. I Liked your Time Warp Sequence. Very nice!!
  3. Just Lucky this year. we didn't have any wind on Halloween.
  4. I would have to say for me! It was not putting out everything this year. My Wife’s and my family kept giving use a hard time about the display outside and in the house for years. Also how much money we put into it. But expected us to host Christmas and pay for all of it, as well feed them for 10 days and house them and also them not contributing to anything. It was so bad for example, if we ran out of something they would tell use to go get more instead of going to the store and buying it them self. Or if we didn't have something they wanted. They would use to go get it. So we decided t
  5. Well this is one of many Video's of this years setup. I had Some strange problems this year with the programming. For some reason when I transferred the file from my Sequencing computer to the show computer the files would not play correctly or they took a mind of there own and did whatever they felt like. some of the DMX channels would not work or would stay on one color and never change until the next song or sequence. I will have to figure what was going on after Christmas.
  6. Here is 2013 video to give you an ideal of what is going to be new this year.
  7. I'm using 1 Mod RGB 12v dc for each tombstone. there mounted at a 45 deg angel on a U shape base. the base allows me to adjust the position on the tombstones as well keep them from falling over. I will take a photo of the base and post it
  8. still working on the yard. but some photos of whats working right now. I'm hopping it will be 90 percent done by Friday. I Have more photos but the site will not let me add them.
  9. I like that song. good work on the lights
  10. when I dig them out of the shed sometime this week. I will post a photo of my setup for the projectors and as well of the controller setup. just so you get an ideal on how they are setup. I have the 2 upper side windows connected with a Y connector splitting the video signal. There is a 8 channel video player that's connected to a relay box I made with 8 connection going to a LOR 16 channel controller the relay box is used to interface as a triger for each channel of a video player with the 8 files on it. the center window has the same setup but without a Y connection to the video player. and
  11. I Started 2 weekend ago getting things out. but i start putting it out the last weekend of September. It will take me almost every weekend tell the day of Halloween to get it all ready.
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