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  1. I used to wrap mine with rope light and then moved to LOR CCBs. I built a frame with 3 strips of wood and used 1 CCB string at about 5" on center. Eminentlight fan edited a video for me. Here is the link. https://youtu.be/tbMN99VJiKY
  2. On your home computer, did you disable your show before trying the HU?
  3. You have 5 CCB's. Are you sequencing them as units 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10? If so, the last one is not 9/10, it is 9/0A. You need to change your sequencing from unit 10 to unit 0A. I initially made this mistake.
  4. Yes, those are the 1 meter cables I use on my CCBs.
  5. Seasonal Entertainment sells some waterproof cables that will work.
  6. Personally, I think it may be a loading problem on your circuits and not a ground problem. You say your breakers are 15 amp. That probably means you have 14 gauge house wiring on those circuits. 5 to 6 amps on a 14 gauge wire over time is a pretty good load. It wouldn't surprise me if you are causing a heating of the circuit breaker in the first couple of cycles enough to cause in-rush currents of the 3rd or 4th cycles to trip your breaker. Things I would try: 1. Put half your controller on the rear GFCI and the other half on the front GCFI. (It sounds like that you may be trying that
  7. Wayne, Do you have both sides of your LOR controller plugged into the same extension cord or GFCI circuit? You may try splitting them, putting channels 1-8 on one GFCI and 9-16 on a different GFCI. Rayburn.
  8. I have to agree with Darryl. I believe general purpose multi-outlet circuits are limited to a 20 amp maximum. A 30 amp circuit is application specific (i.e. welder, air conditioner, etc.) and all its components (wire, outlet, cord) are supposed to be rated at 30 amps.
  9. I am not familiar with the plugs you are talking about. Do these plugs give you the ability to plug into an improper voltage source? I personally think it would be up to the nature of the warranty issue. If it was determined it could be due to your modifications, it would not be covered. As long as you are sure you know how to make the change, I would take the chance.
  10. If you used the same light for channel 10 on both boards, I would highly suspect you have a short in that light or its cabling. As others have said, use an ohm meter to check between each of the wires of the light. Compare the readings with readings on known good lights. You say you heat-shrunk each wire and then covered those connections with more heat shrink. You may find you damaged the underlying heat-shrink when heating the outer layer.
  11. I don't think you have a power supply problem. It is odd how channel 10 has faulted on both controllers. You probably have a cable or clearance issue. Are you using the same cables or lights and swapping them between the controllers? How have you mounted the board in the CG-1500 box? Are you using a metal back-plane?
  12. Have you tested the AC controllers recently or was this the problems that were noticed during last season? Have you thought about taking your DC controller and testing it on another GFCI? bathroom? garage?
  13. When testing, are you finding only the "in use" GFCI tripped, or are both tripped?
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