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  1. Thanks everyone for the help and I still don't know why it was working properly after uninstalling/reinstalling, I even wiped 2 laptops and started over. BUT........with some of the thoughts above, I could open files through sequencer, so I saved a few and made a show in the builder and started it on a controller which worked, so I may have jumped for joy lol. On my other laptop I loaded to the latest S5 to start learning the new stuff and when I saved a file, I noticed the image next to the file was the green SE icon (not the blue lightbulb from older versions). Then my lightbulb went off, went to the other laptop, right clicked a LMS file, open with, found the sequence editor and VIOLA! now they open! Just still confused as to why when it was installed, saved through a sequence editor, it didn't save it like that? But oh well, a mystery for another season.
  2. I was able to get the version that was on my old laptop. 4.3.34 but I dont even see that as an option to download. I see 4.3.36? I renewed my license few months ago, so maybe thats why it shows S5?
  3. Yes! So when I open through editor, it opens and saves. When I go back to double click where I saved it, I get the error. So I am also assuming it wouldnt work when loaded into the show
  4. On the .LMS file in sequence folder or wherever they may be saved
  5. Thats possible, not sure what I had lol. But I picked an older version because I dont think I can learn the new sequencing in enough time.
  6. My original laptop took a crap, but I luckily was able to save my files. I have 2 other laptops in my house that have windows 10 and I cannot open files. I downloaded that last of the s4 because I'm not ready for the new software. I can open up the sequence editor and load a file, etc. After I save it, I try and double click and I keep getting an error (I attached a picture of the error). Can someone help or direct me to the right area --- I'm almost in freaking out mode as I've been putzing with this for 3 days now. I lied, apparently I cannot put a picture because its too large? Even though I resized to small. Please and Thank you in advance Command line parameters: /L Language ID /S Hide initialization dialog. For silent mode use: /S /v/qn /V parameters to MsiExec.exe /UA<url to INstMsiA.exe> /UW<url to InstMsiW.exe> /UM<url to msi poackage> /US<url to IsScript.msi>
  7. Does anyone have a sequence to Everybody loves Christmas by Eddie Money that they would be willing to share? Email is mjdamico23@gmail.com. Please and thank you !
  8. May I have a copy Please? mjdamico23@gmail.com Thanks in advance!!!
  9. I would like a copy sent to mjdamico23@gmail.com of the LMS file please "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thank you in advance!
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