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  1. Hey James. I haven't upgraded to S4 Pro yet- not worth it for me if I decide not to use pixels. I have the pixel package but want to ensure I can use them. Old school S2 here! Until I saw/see how something will help my display i don't spend money on it. Know what I mean?
  2. Awesome Orville! Thanks so much. I'll take a look at it and see if it makes sense! LOL. I might be bugging you with questions. I'd love to see any other examples people have if they're willing to share. Like I said, not trying to steal any sequences. Looking to figure out potential trees. Thanks again Orville! You're the man!
  3. Hey everyone. I'm finally going to add some pixels to the display (shocker for those who know me!). Does anyone have an S4 sequence they would be willing to share? I don't need music or anything, just looking for a sequence to get a starting point. For me it's easier to see something to start with. I have several friends that have used xLights but I'm going to be using S4 for at least this year. I have 16 strings of 100ct pixels from last year that I never got around to messing with so that's what I would be working with. Based on height I'm thinking of 2 trees 10' high to compliment th
  4. Thanks everyone. I think my ticket only shows once because it is the same ticket: just the question asked twice! LOL. I'm an old time LOR user still on 2.8.8 as I have avoided the pixel craze long enough! :) So, if I am understanding (again, sorry for being thick!) if I have 2.8.8 and want to move to S5 I am looking at either the upgrade ($140) or the full Pro version ($189). You tell me what to buy and I'm on it! How's that for an easy sale! LOL
  5. Thanks Don. I'm not concerned with verbiage on the site and I'm sure this is frustrating but... http://store.lightorama.com/s2soup.html this actually shows options for Basic to Pro, Advanced to Pro, etc http://store.lightorama.com/solire.html this is a $29 license renewal. Sooo.... what to do, what to do? Ryan
  6. Hello everyone. Looking to get S5 but can't seem to figure out WHAT to purchase. LOR Helpdesk didn't actually answer this question (twice) so I'm turning here... When I do the license check I get this message: Your license does not cover the latest version, 5.1.*. To use this version, you will have to purchase a license renewal. Soooo... when I click on the license renewal button it gives me a $29 version of S4. How do I get S5 and is there a discount for it since it's a license renewal? Am I just buying S5 full price? Honestly don't care what the answer is, I just want to sele
  7. She knows all about Lone Star Holidays. That's where she'll find the most active decorators in the area. Christmas Light Finder is a great resource as well although on a more global level. I point people there whenever people tell me they're traveling during the holidays.
  8. Why do I do this every year?" I ask my self that a lot every November as the "lights on" date approaches. Had something amazing happen today that answers that for me... There's a young lady who lives in our subdivision with her mother. She's had significant scary things happen to her in her life and so she is terrified to go out of the house. Yet every night, every single night, she's here with her mom to watch the lights. I was outside this morning putting up lights, fixing broken strings, and wondering for the 10,000th time "why do I do this every year". As I'm working her mother pulls up a
  9. I have nothing further to say about the Academy or the Expo. Please do not send me any further PMs concerning this.
  10. Thanks to everyone for the kind words. We don't want the many postings in support of the Academy to derail this thread so we will begin a thread in the correct place as soon as we have final details. The "correct place" is under the Vendor section- as we were told that ALL events had to do beginning last year. (http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/31280-approved-vendor-list-eventsgatherings/) LOR Admin- please move THIS thread to the proper place under the vendor section. Unless of course we're allowed to post in various areas unlike last year. No sarcasm here- we've always fol
  11. No one is fighting. I was correcting misinformation about the Academy. I assume that we all want the correct information out there.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that some people have continued to spread that news with no knowledge of any plans (and I'm not talking about Sean- he can't help what he's been told. I know him and I don't think he's malicious in any way. Other people with a vested interest in competing with the Academy on the other hand...).
  13. If you're not registered for the 2014 Academy... what are you waiting for?? www.theultimateacademy.com See you Friday!
  14. At long last the schedule for the 2014 Academy is HERE! CLICK HERE FOR THE EVENT SCHEDULE! So how do you stay up to date on things? We began using an app called "Guidebook" in 2012 and people have REALLY liked it the last 2 years. Because so many people use smartphones/iPhones it allows you to see immediate changes, any additions, select the classes you want for your schedule (so you know exactly what your days will look like). Click below info below and get your 2014 Academy Guide. Remember that it doesn't cost a thing to you as an attendee: CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR ACADEMY GUIDEBOOK!
  15. The Academy is coming in just two short months! The classes are now listed on the website and we’re working hard to finalize the schedule in the next week or so. In order to do that, we must finalize our space requirements and that’s where YOU come in! We are currently at-capacity for our registered attendees. If you are planning on attending, you MUST go register NOW. If we get additional registrations in the next week, it will allow us to increase space, allowing more people to attend. If we do not, there is a VERY GOOD chance that you will not be able to attend due to limitations at the fa
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