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  1. I have been using a radio but get a little worried about it in the environment. guess I’ll just keep doing it this way. Thanks for help!
  2. I have been wanting to add yard speakers that use blue tooth to the show that I currently use an FM transmitter with. Is there a way to output audio from a computer for an FM transmitter and a Bluetooth yard speaker?
  3. I got a full roll for 4 arches, tywrapped it to 3/4” PVC. It curls a little at the ends, but has worked for 3 -4 years now. I take the CCR out every year and store them empty along side the house till next year.
  4. Thanks k6ccc, I didn’t totally understand your procedure, but I will attempt it tonight.
  5. Is there a way to view / sequence multiple props at the same time in SuperStar? It would make it easier to program if I could see more than 1 prop at a time.
  6. Thanks. I noticed that some x and y positions were negative numbers. I think that is what’s throwing me off. So, is the x and y 0,0 positions, the top of the image or the first pixel, or a different point? Edit, I just reread your response and now I understand what the negitive positioning numbers are referring to. I guess I’ll just have to practice a little more.
  7. After I create an image and insert it into the sequence, it enters from a side and moves on its own. I would like to extend this movement or change it. How do I position this image? I see the x, y boxes and have played with them but I guess I don’t know what part of the image the coordinates are using for the positioning. Also, is their a way to resize an image without redrawing the image?
  8. Well I seem to have found a couple locations where things are stored. This is a fairly new computer but I guess my backups throughout the years have gone to some different folders. When I reinstalled them I think I hosed myself Now I’ve got to go through and delete stuff. What a pain! I need a Mac version? Thanks for the help.
  9. Thanks. I never tried a right click on that screen. That will help. But why is it the file doesn’t show up in file explorer? Also it does come up for editing in SE.
  10. I can find the folder they’re stored in but when I open the folder it says “empty”. But in SE it shows them and opens right up.
  11. I need to delete a couple of sequence files, because they are messing me up, but when I use windows file explorer it tells me the folders where they’re stored are empty. So I backed up, then deleted the folders themselves. Rebooted and opened up SE, and the folder was still available and the songs were there. Went back to file explorer and the folder was not visible. Any idea what I’m doing wrong. This is windows 10
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