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  1. A window pops up for you to set the time to whatever time you want (current time, or 2 min later when you have time to walk out to the yard, etc.). So whatever time you select, when you then take the card and put it in, it copies that timestamp to the controller and that is the time it goes off of. Hope that helps.
  2. Orville, my apologies, but I literally just noticed you had asked me a question and I failed to respond. My apologies. No, I'm not related to any McNamara's in Florida (that I know of :-) ). I grew up in Southern California and now live in the Phoenix, AZ area. Sorry again, and Merry Christmas. Brian
  3. Has anyone figured out how to use the Hub to add the time stamp to your SD Card so that the mp3 Director has the current time? I can't find that option in the creation of the SD Card. I used to use the HU to set the time, but since I'm using v5.3.10 Pro, when I try to use the LOR MP3 tab within the HU, it tells me to use the Hub to make my SD card. Thanks in advance. Brian
  4. Orville, I shortened the file and put a 0.05 break every 7 min and that did the trick. Just wanted to say thanks again and let you know how I figured it out. Brian
  5. Orville, I do have a separate animation show file (it is not loaded within the animation tab of the light show) set up that I'm scheduling separate from the light show. I'm sure it's user error some how and not the software, I just can't figure out what it is.
  6. Orville, I'm sorry for the delayed response. First off, THANK YOU for taking as much time as you did to provide those screenshots and advice. I tried 1) making sure there was a lower intensity in the first timing of the animation, 2) that there was a command all the way to the last timing of the animation, and 3) checking the "turn unused lights off at end". I tried changing one each night to see if I could identify which step solved the problem. Unfortunately, doing all 3 steps did not solve the problem. The musical show ends, the animation turns on and then after a few minutes, kicks itself off.
  7. Orville, I did confirm the animation file is in the animation tab of the show editor. Orville/Richard, I did create the schedule in the weekly view, not the calendar view. Now I don't have the same start times for my after-show animation because weekdays my musical sequence show doesn't end until 9pm and weekends at 10:30pm. Does that make a difference that I have to essential make 2 schedules within the weekly view of the scheduler (one for weekdays and one for weekend days)?
  8. Thanks k6ccc for responding. I tried to attach a pic of the log, but the website says the file is too big. Basically, it says: Status: Enabled Current Activity: Playing: Night.lss From 9:15pm to 12:00am Next Activity: Wait for next show Middle section of log shows Night sequence file, calls it an "animation" under section And the log in the bottom window shows the starting animation time stamp and exactly 20min later the ending time stamp. At this point the lights are not on at all. Hope that helps.
  9. After my show is over, I like to turn on the house lights from 10pm to midnight. I made a 20 min. separate animation sequence with just the few channels I want on. I made a separate show in the show editor with just this animation file under the animation tab. I then added a new calendar item on the show scheduler to play from the end of the show to midnight. After the show is over, the 20min long animation file turns on like it is supposed to but when it finishes after 20min, the lights turns off 100%, rather than restart the animation over and over until the scheduler turns it off at midnight. I feel like I"m missing a setting or something to make the animation file restart over and over through a scheduled period. Has anyone run into this before and how can I fix this?
  10. Wow! lkcubsrule, this is awesome. I will get home early and try to implement some of these color codes tonight before the trick or treaters come by. I REALLY appreciate it.
  11. Just wanted to report back to the group that I got them up and working thanks to your advice about the dip switch. Thanks! Brian
  12. I searched previous threads but did not find an answer. I'm new to using CCB's and and while trying to simply turn my CCB's on to orange for , I click on what looks like orange in the SE but it comes out more yellow in the bulbs. Am I missing something? Do colors in SE not always translate to reality? For those of you who use CCB's for Halloween, what color inputs do you use to get a true orange color? For those of you who use CCB's for Christmas, what color inputs do you use to get a white similar to the old school incandescent white lights? Thanks in advance! Brian
  13. I'm hoping by my detailed posting and pics that I can save Mr. P of any further posts on the subject as I'm sure others will have the same question. By the way, did I mention earlier that "I was just asking for a friend?" ? Have a great day. Brian
  14. HaHAHa! My wife call me a "dip" all the time and now I know why. ? I see it now. So #8 should be moved down to align with 1-7, correct?
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