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  1. I do Landscape Lighting all year, but each month gets a color depending on the Holiday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6XOno7fUNo I've added Thanksgiving since filming this.
  2. Usually it's my first full day off of work after Christmas. So yesterday this year. Just put away the last strand of lights an hour ago. The matrix will stay on the roof until Easter. I use it each month until then. Plus it's the North facing, so it's iced over until March anyways.
  3. This is what I meant in my long winded explanation. Thanks Phil.
  4. Several things can cause this, sounds like you've tried a few. Not sure if it's one channel or multiple, but another couple areas to check is to see if you have created more than one preview using the same channel. For example: if you have one sequence with a single prop using LOR Unit 1 Ch 1 for your Tune to Sign that runs in the background of your show, but you have the same prop (or different) in your regular sequences assigned to the same channel, both sequences will try and run the channel, so if one is off and the other is on, they conflict and cause a flicker. The same is true if you
  5. Thought I'd chime in here a little. Just my opinion. You could run this on 2 Pixcon16's if you power the strips from the power supply rather than the ports. I did this on my matrix running on E1.31 using Pixel Nodes. Each strand is 126 Nodes long, 63 down, 63 up. I built my own boxes that contain 1 Pixcon16, 3 power supplies, and 2 8 count ATC Fuse holders each. I run a + wire from the power supply to the each fuse. I have a connector that comes into the box: + goes to the fuse, the - to the - terminal on the power supply, and the Data to the output on the port. I also run a wire from
  6. Yes, whatever you use to connect to the projector. I use a VGA cable, but it'll also use an HDMI.
  7. Sequences with no video will play and leave a blank screen. I'm not sure what the 2 cables are you are referencing to, unless it's one to a projector, and another to your light controllers.
  8. If I remember correctly, they would all blink. I started by replacing the Cat5e cables, but that didn't work. At the first controller I unplugged the cable going to the next controllers, and it would go solid, so I continued down the line. The first couple times I did it, I didn't find the culprit right away. It took a few times to narrow it down. I did most of it during the day and I would unplug one or more controllers and let the show run for a bit before disconnecting again. Sometimes they would start blinking right away, other times it would be fine for a while.
  9. We started the show on 11/28 and for the first time that I can remember, there haven't been any issues. Timing was on, all the lights were working, wind has broken anything. I kept knocking on wood everyday knowing how lucky I was. Last night the Gremlins came swooping in. My USB splitter went dead. So none of my LOR networks were working. Luckily the show was only on it's 3 loop when I discovered the problem. I have 3 LOR networks and luckily, (knock on wood), my new laptop has 3 USB ports. Hooked them in directly, and show was up and running. Later that night I discovered part of my T
  10. I run into this from time to time as well. Sometimes you can get lucky and just bend the prongs out a little or twist just slightly and it'll be just enough to make a better contact in the controller plug.
  11. Two years ago I had the same issue where the controllers would start blinking and not connect to the network correctly. I found 2 solutions and haven't had any issues since. (Well, this issue anyway.) 1- I reboot the computer at least once a week. I set up a command so it would do it on it's own. 2- I found one RJ45 connector in one of the controllers was bad. I don't know what it was doing exactly, if it was shorting or crossing the lines, but it was sending noise across the entire line. I found it by trial and error. I used a Cat5e Female to Female adapter to bypass each contr
  12. If you figure out how to run a cable from your computer to your projector, you can use the animated video as your media file and sequence what you want to it. The video can be run to the projector and the audio to your transmitter. I do the same thing at Halloween except my laptop sits inside and the projector not too far. I ran the cables for the light controllers up through the wall into the attic then to the outside. I have plenty of access to my attic, so I found the wall where my laptop sits and drilled a hole in the top and put a Low Voltage box in the wall so you don't see wires and
  13. I used "F" and "J" channel to permanently mount my pixel strips to. On the back I added small hooks where I hang my Icicle lights. i use the same hooks in the corners of my windows. Check it out at around the 7:08 mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5i2F72IyBY
  14. Create your arch with the starting pixel on the Right. When you see the pictured prop grab the "Rotation" Knob (Red Round dot with a line) and move it Left or Right to turn it upside down. You'll just have to play with it to get it to be just right.
  15. I am currently using Holiday Coro's pixel trees. But in the past I was using some 4' artificial trees I had bought after Christmas for cheap one year. I set them up with Red, Green, and White lights, and put a 4' rebar down the center into the ground to help hold them up in the wind. Being an indoor tree i didn't think they'd last too long, but after 9 years, they still work great. When i converted mine over to Pixels, I started setting them up in my parents yard with a simple animation sequence downloaded. They are my moms favorite part of my layout, so I let them use the trees now.
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