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  1. Thanks everyone for the info. I have decided just to be safe one more year and stick with the old incandescents and get a few of the different CC products to test this year to see what I like. It seems that this is strictly a personal preference type of thing and the only way to see how each will look is to simply test them in real life.

  2. I have been using LOR for years and very familiar with it. Other than changing a few songs and improving sequences over there years, I have not made many changes to hardware. I started integrating fading LED's and it's turned out well with the Mega Tree and other items. However, now I am ready to tackle the Roof. My old color C9's are just in bad shape and wondering if its time to ugprade and phase them out.

    I stayed away from experimenting with CCR's but after poking around the last few days, it looks like they may be the best fit. Normal LED's are not bright enoguh for a tall house and it looks like that famous LMFAO Halloween house used something that looks like CCRs on it? Can someone confirm if that was CCR? If so, I see other acronymes like CCB's and P's? I finally saw the bulbs and don't know what the P's are.

    If i was going to invest in redesigning my roof, what's the best way to go? The CCR or a bunch of CCB's? Any helpful advise would be appreciated. I use mainly fades and other transitions from colors with my LOR. If I did invest in these, would it be a significant change/learning curve to make these work with my current sequences or would it be fairly easy ot make the new ones work with old.

    I am an IT person, so farily capable of moving around a computer, but is this just too big a project to undertake prior to Christmas this year and should be put off for next year as well?

    Sorry if you have a gegeneral question guide line on this. I did a search and couldn't find anything.

  3. Did anyone get a fix for this? Is it the ELL or a software issue. Last year with 1.5 and 3 boxes with ELL's, it worked great. I have the same 3 boxes with ELL's and those seem to be working fine, but my 2 new boxes for this year with ELL's are inconsistently working and lagging behind all the other commands. The 2 new boxes are right next to 1 of my old boxes that's working fine.

    Any ideas? or solutions from this earlier topic? I have tried changing software and no luck. I really didn't want to hard wire each box, but that's what I am doing tomorrow so I can eliminate the wireless lag (if any).

  4. Sorry for the long post, but I am stumped and in urgent need of help and wanted to provide answers to questions that you may ask to help troubleshoot. I have exhausted all other options that I can think of, so I am putting this question out to the LOR and PC users.

    This is my 2nd year with LOR and my first year with LED's. I replaced my roof C9 Incandescents with new C9 LEDs this year and now I am having problems. I have 4 LOR Units that I am using. All are the LOR1602 - 30 amp controllers. I am currently using 1.6.1 software.

    PROBLEM 1:

    The C9 LED's I am using are making a buzzing sound everytime they turn on no matter what, when I am using LOR. When I plug them in normally in a regular outlet, they don't seem to make the buzz. I mean this buzz is fairly loud. You can hear it from about 20-30 feet away from my roof and they are on a second story about 30 feet above the ground.

    The buzz is also happening inside my home's electrical panel when the LOR is running. In addition to that, it's making all the battery backups on other devices in my house go off (like a temporary loss of power) whenever LOR seems to hit the notes in a sequence that are 100% on. These devices (batter backups) are not attached to anything related to LOR or even on the same circuit. They are on a separate circuit breaker box. My home has 2 150 Amp Circuit Breaker Boxes and the Xmas Circuits are spread out among the boxes and neither are using 80% or more of the allowed amount even with the rest of the house fully on.

    PROBLEM 2:

    In addition to problem 1 above, whenever the show runs a few times through, my LOR box that's powering my roof lights go off and shuts down. It doesn't trip a breaker and doesn't blow a fuse. It just crashes like a fuse was blown or breaker tripped. I tried swapping out LOR boxes with another unit and the same thing happens.

    I have 3 sets of 500 roof lights. Each different colors that alternate (like Richard H of PC). Each string pulls only about 4.5 amps or so. I have them spread out across the lor, so the AMPS shouldn't be a problem and nothing else is plugged into that box. I did try it with other items plugged in and had the same issues.


    All the circuits were installed by a professional electrician, so no screwing around on my part. I had the electrician come out again today and he couldn't figure out the buzzing or what the problems were. Everything checked out good. He even went so far as to replace every single breaker that they installed this year and last with new ones to see if that helped. He was at a lost and has never seen the problem before and he was the lead electrician from the company I used.

    I also replaced all the fuses in the box with new fuses and no change there. Like I said above, I even swapped out LOR boxes and no luck.

    Any ideas would be greatly helpful. I tried the search function and couldn't find anything related.

    Thanks in advance!

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