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  1. Thanks for all the responses so far. It looks as if I will get some help.
  2. I imported my S4 preview. The result has me confused and the sequences do not run correctly. I would like to send my preview to someone who can fix it. Also, the things I added after the import, when I try effects they look incorrect. You can message me on here so I can email and maybe have a Zoom or Teams meeting. I would appreciate someone! I will be very appreciative IF I am helped. William Harrison
  3. Thanks Duck and Laff for posting a while back. I ran into the bag that the pixels came in that told me the wires. RGB 8mm 2801 Blue - 12v negative Black - 12v positive Green - Data Red - Clock Who would have thought that order? Those are from 2015.
  4. Thanks TheDucks, but I already said I can't see inside them. They have yellowed.
  5. Hello everyone! I have had these 2801 4 wire pixels for many years. They are run with an older one universe controller. The problem - The UPS person walked thru my yard and ripped the wires from the pixel waterproof connector. I do not remember what wire is what. There is a red, black, blue, and green. The 4 wire waterproof connector is different colors at the controller to where I soldered the connections together. They have yellowed so I can't see in them. I can't find my spares. The company I bought them from said they can't help with an older legacy product. Would anyone happen to know what color is what on old 2801 Holiday Coro pixels? They are 2015 or 14. My arches were dark the rest of the year cause I was scared to guess what wire was what and no help from the vendor. I just need to wire the connector back to the pixels, which was ripped off.
  6. Thank you Brianc_1978! So it is possible with no issues. Thank you! Another question, one of the reasons I prefer a laptop. When you guys construct and connect your displays, how do you do it? I have a mixed display of pixels and LED lights. When I connect the AC controllers, I discover it and turn on all channels, so when I connect lights they come on and I know the lights work, the correct input, and the controller is functioning correctly. I do this in the yard with a laptop. I do the same with pixels. How do you guys do it? I have no friends with shows and no one close to me does shows so most of what I know and do is from forum reading or my own thoughts (I have always felt alone other than on forum). Maybe I am doing something not the best, even tho I have been doing it this way for, I think, 7 to 8 years. I welcome your thoughts.
  7. Thanks for the responses. I welcome and respect all the opinions. I have always run my show with a laptop (easy to take to yard and such), but it is windows 7 (support ends Jan. 14) and many years old, so I am going to upgrade. I also understand I can still use this Laptop for a show computer but don't connect to the web. I understand the opinion with a desktop. I build desktops and agree, but, to me, a laptop is easier. I was looking for anyone who have ever used an USB to Ethernet adapter. I was not sure I would go that route, but was curious in case I found a great deal with no port. Again, I respect you guys opinion, but from the responses I did not hear of any expertise or experience. Just opinions. Your opinions did sour my thoughts of going that route tho. There are many laptops with the port so my search will be narrowed. Using the adapter my search would have been more open. My only questions was about the adapter. Is it plug and play? Is it slower than a built in port? Will LOR communicate through the adapter? I am competent concerning E1.31, but only competent, not advanced. No questions regarding E1.31 connection and such. In conclusion, so far, no one has tried to use one or has any expertise about using one. Thanks!
  8. Hello, Not sure if this is a dumb question, but thought I would ask before I bought another laptop. Newer laptops are foregoing the thick Ethernet port to be thinner. There are some that still have the port. Has anyone run E1.31 with an USB to Ethernet adapter? I would use USB 3.0, but just to be thorough will USB 2.0 work with running the display with USB to Ethernet adapter? Thanks! Thanks, William
  9. I have the utility but I have tried emailing it before it it will not work. If you would like to discuss (PM) other means I will try to help you.
  10. Please PM me if you have an LOR AC controller to sell. Would like V3 but will take a V2. Will take just board, doesn't have to be in enclosure with cords. I need at least one but will take two depending on price. Thanks, William
  11. Hey Dcroc! I am in the same boat you are in. I am going to pixels this year instead of strips. They are just too finicky. I have had LOR and HC. None last very long. As many, I tried leaving them up all year thinking I was handling them too much. That worked for 2 years but the third they were unusable. I am done with strips. I am going to zip tie pixels on pvc. Again, as been said if one goes bad it is easy to replace it and not the entire string. I like the look of strips better, but... Don't get me wrong, I am not rich by any stretch but its not so much the money to me, its the time to replace. I do not have time to keep redoing and worrying about what I have already accomplished and dealt with. I feel yea, man!
  12. 6 new pixel strips from Holiday Coro. I believe they are from different years. I can send photo for serious interest (I couldn't add to posting). 2 have 10 foot leads with waterproof connections attached, i think they are a year or two old. 1 has a different sticker on it and the other three have a different sticker. The other 5 do not have waterproof connections. They have those standard connections. They are all 30 LED's per meter and are 5 meters long, 12 volt, 2811. They are smart and white PCB with the waterproof covering on all. Still in original static packaging and never unrolled. There is a 7th I am throwing in because I have changed the the connector. Looks like I was going to put a connector on it but didn't, but it is not used. HC sells them pre-sale around 12 to $15 So since they are a little older, $70 shipped via PayPal or best offer. Regular price from HC is $21.99 each. I am posting here first, then I will post Ebay in a couple days if no takers. Thanks!
  13. i JUST DID THIS... https://www.zdnet.com/article/heres-how-you-can-still-get-a-free-windows-10-upgrade/
  14. May I have a copy? Thank you! willtamharr at gmail dot com
  15. Hello, Fire it up, May I have a copy also? willtamharr at gmail dot com
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