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  1. Can I start and stop a sequence manually? I know I can start a sequence using the input pup, I've done that a lot, but I don't know if I can stop it manually without just stopping it suddenly with the end sequence now function and just turning the lights off instantly. I need to be able to have the lights fade out on a signal from me to shut down. This is part of our churches Christmas program and the sequence won't be tied to any music and I'll start it and stop it when signaled by the director of the program, so it can't be pre -timed.
  2. Yes, please go ahead and quote the selling price and then, if I purchase them we can work on the shipping. I'm not sure I would need all of them, but would take a good quantity of them.
  3. I'm looking to purchase some incans and was wondering if anyone would have any that they would be willing to sell? I'm needing, red, blue, green and clear. I'm needing the darker shades in the red, blue & green. They need to be on green wire and approximately on 3" centers.
  4. newby


    I'm needing to purchase some good used incans. I need green, blue and purple. All on about 3" spacing and on green strings. They also need to be the deeper shades of the colors. Does anyone have some that they would sell?
  5. It is working fine today. I've been using LOR for several years now and it has worked in the past. Wasn't the last few days, is now. Go figure.
  6. When I'm editing my sequence and try to scroll up or down using the scrolling wheel on my mouse, nothing happens, I have to go to the scroll bar to scroll up or down. This works, but being able to use the mouse would be much faster. I have a cell activated on the page, but can't scroll with the mouse, only the scroll bar on the side. Is this normal or do I need to do something different? The scrolling wheel on the mouse works with other parts of LOR, like the help menu and with other documents, but not within the sequencing editor.
  7. If these are still available, I would pay any packing and shipping charges. I live in Illinois and couldn't get down to pick them up. If you have the lids to the totes, you could just put the lids on and wrap them securely with some strong tape (you can pick this up at the UPS store or Post Office) attach a label (tape over the label completely) take them to UPS or USPS and ship.
  8. Would the capacitor hold the voltage and need to be discharged?
  9. I would tape it over. I guess I'm asking if heatshrink tubing would be an apropriate covering. I was just wondering if it would keep the resistor from disapating its heat.
  10. Thank you all. This has been very helpful. I'll try to shorten some strings and see what happens. One more thing, should I cover the resistor with heatshrink or something?
  11. If I used the resistors in the string, would I have to use a different voltage bulb?
  12. So in essence I would have to replace each bulb I removed with a resistor of equal value, so just covering them would accomplish the same thing. Would this cause the covered bulbs to overheat? Also, could I replace the bulbs I removed with one resistor that would drop the voltage an amount equal to all the bulbs that I removed. Example: If I had a 50 bulb string, could I shorten the string to 40 bulbs with a resistor in the string that would drop 24V?
  13. I'm trying to find out if I can customize my incandescent light strings. Can I make them into light strings of less than multiplies of 50? I know that I can modify them into multiples of 50 and that there shouldn't be less than 35 lights on a string, but I'm wondering if I can use resistors in the strings and then modifiy them to specific lengths?
  14. Just out of curiosity: If it doesn't actually add any playable time to the sequence, what is the point of having this feature? The help section says that you can change the duration of the track by using this feature, so if it still won't play past the original audio track, it seems usless.
  15. I turned off the UAC and that did restore the funcionality of the Visualizer. The Sequencer will now control the visualizer, but it still won't control the lights. I can't get it to change the COMM Port. I guess I'll be looking for you at the Expo. Thanks!
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