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  1. I am using an mp3. I'll convert to wave and see if that helps. Really appreciate the advice!
  2. So I've been been having a hard time with my sequence lately. Sometimes when I start, the sequence and visualizer line up perfectly. I'll stop it, do a quick edit, and restart - then every other time it won't line up. Sometimes it's close, sometimes way off, sometimes it lines up perfectly. I won't even do anything except restart the sequence and can't figure out why it's not syncing correctly. I am running about 300 channels (100 RGB channels) and 10 CCRs (all through visualization). My software is 3.9. I have Windows 7 running on very fast quad i7s with 16GB ram. Any help would be greatly ap
  3. Thanks Kevin! I take it everything is waterproof from the insulation? BTW, I plan on buying at least one of your sequences this year to make my flow a little quicker. Using your sequences as a foundation should make it much easier for me to be creative in my own way
  4. Was thinking this was a good deal - 4 wires, 18 gauge, 500ft for $121. Does this sound like a good idea? I'm not nearly as experienced as most of you. I know solid will be more stiff when bending. Figure it will also be a little nicer when it comes to stripping and connecting though and possibly even a better conductor than stranded... http://www.homedepot.com/p/Southwire-500-ft-Burial-18-4-UL-Sprinkler-Wire-49276945/202316413#BVRRWidgetID Please advise! - Tom
  5. Could you make July 27th then too or was quoting your way of emphasizing you prefer the latter (August 3)?
  6. OMG, it's serious. When I used to listen to my iPod at the gym it was to keep me going - now I'm just distracted imagining lights...
  7. So it shouldn't matter what other people think, I know I do this for myself. My friends, however, think I've gone off the deep end, ha! This year I decided to dive in head first into LOR and am using literally all of my money after paying bills on my first LOR setup. I usually travel with any extra money I have (not a lot as I am a teacher), but after going to almost everywhere I really care to in the past few years, I think I'm done and just want to be a LOR caveman. Gonna sacrifice any travel and other spending so I can build a setup I'm proud of. I know we're not competing, but I'd hate to
  8. Eric - just saw your matrix on YouTube. You're insane! Would love your company, ha! Will make me feel better about my first year madness...
  9. Oops, I just went a week after the 22nd that Keith mentioned. Saturday, July 27th!
  10. How about Saturday, July 29th at 10am (until whenever)? Sounds like everyone can be available that day. I figure the sooner the better that way if we'd like, we could get together one more time before the summer ends. Also gives us enough time to order more toys from China before the craziness of the year sets in
  11. Sounds like most people could do a long Saturday some time. I'm free almost every Saturday aside from July 13. I am more than happy to host or we could go to another house in the bay. We could maybe bring some toys, some ideas, questions, and put minds together. Can't wait!
  12. Awesome! Sorry, I didn't respond before - caught a cold and was trying to recover. Is there a better day of the week for you guys? Since a couple of you would have to travel farther (Michael and plasmadrive), maybe you should let us know which days are better. I'm free pretty much any day the entire summer (I'm a teacher). Look forward to putting heads together!
  13. I'd like to get lot 48 - please call me! Tom 510-599-7442
  14. So I'm new to LOR, but not new to the lighting industry. Decided to do my first setup this Halloween (and Christmas) but was thinking it would be great to have a local community of LOR-type people in the bay area to put heads together and have fun learning from each other. I have a lot of experience in the DMX and RGB world and am now moving on to pixel-based systems. Anyhow, if you're interested in meeting up in the bay (I'm in Fremont, CA), let me know! - Tom
  15. Could I get a copy too?? I'm just learning right now how to do all this
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