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  1. Thanks guys! Man, does it take long to sequence with so many freaking channels my first year, ha!
  2. So I finalllllly just uploaded my first sequence. I wanted to start with something super simple. I spent most of my time building the custom instruments and now I'm gonna take advantage of all the channels programming each note to the specific instruments. Anyhow, let me know what you think! - Tom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bua18A09xfQ
  3. This is exactly what I'm trying to fix too but with Nutcracker. It works for like 2 seconds, pauses, then resumes. I am running 2811 chip strings on a E682. Even if I run just one string, it pauses. Going crazy! - Tom
  4. I tried to use this but it says it cannot load the props body? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. So I'm a music director/conductor during the day and now a LOR junkie at night and decided to create my first display this year. Was thinking it would be fun to, in addition faces, RGB lights around the house, bushes, etc, to build some music instruments that will demonstrate the notes as the music is happening (guitar frets will light up individual through pixels, piano notes via RGB (dumb) in each key, and a drumset that will light up as each drum is heard. Since I hear and know the notes, I thought it would be cool to show them for all my fellow musicians Man, I'm not gonna lie, it's toug
  6. So I have some generics from China and noticed a couple of bad pixels. Is it hard or bad to use one strip as a spare for parts and just solder on new parts (at the solder points) to replace the bad pixels? So far I'm a bit scared cause, man, they really are fragile compared to dumb strips!
  7. Same question - is there a way to create more than 50 pixels per string?
  8. I hated the Colonel with is wee beady eyes! And that smug look on his face, "Oh, you're gonna buy my chicken! Ohhhhh!"
  9. You're probably just thinking to hard... Ohms is a measure of resistance so "resistance is futile"
  10. Just venting... I know it's ridiculous to expect Home Depot or Lowe's to staff stores only with experts or general contractors out-of-work, so I go in knowing I'm going to often get people with little or no experience - no prob. I HATE, however, when I ask a question from a worker only for them to say complete nonsense and say it like they're an expert. If you don't have the answer, please kindly get someone who does. Please don't feel the need to make up an answer or simply tell me what a lot of other people buy. Today, a girl who looked about 17 tried to tell me, "if it's bare wood - you
  11. Yes! Learned a ton. If you guys would like to have another before summer is over (especially for those who couldn't make it) I'd be happy to have one here at my home in Newak or at my church in Fremont (I work there so have access to a ton of rooms etc). Let me know! - Tom
  12. Thanks, Ron. I actually already own and use the E682. Even if you run a full string as 1 pixel, you need digital strips which are more than double the price of dumb strips. For my application, I will never change colors on a strip and I am using 40 strings so far of double density RGB strips (72 watts, 2 amps per channel). This would cost a ton of money using pixels. So for this part of my display, I really want to go with the dumb RGB route...
  13. Ironically a few minutes after this post, Ray just sent me a message after a few days and is refunding my money for the bad unit. I see why he's so well-respected
  14. Has anyone seen it or heard the actual price of this unit (Zeus Controller)? I've looked and there's almost no info on this product or pictures as well. My understanding is it was shown at The Academy but that's about all I can find. If anyone has any real info, could you pass it on? Getting ready to order a few DMX controllers and would like to get the most bang for my buck. If nothing else I'll probably just order a lot (8) of these: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Lamp-controller-LED-lamp-controller-DMX-24-channel-controller-8-pieces-lot/682079698.html I bought one from Ray Wu last mont
  15. So I've heard about a few smarter people than I doing this sort of thing, but I decided to try it for fun today and it worked out great! Picked up a 700 Watt PSU from a local Fry's for $69. Took it apart, separated the various voltages, soldered the green (motherboard switch) to a ground, sent two 12V feeds and one 5V feed through the hole, closed it back up, installed a 6 block terminal to the exterior of the PSU, gave myself an excuse to use, hence, justify my label maker, and walluh! Used my voltmeter and verified perfectly stable voltages! Super cheap way of getting a 12V 650 Watt powe
  16. I'm assuming you did the try it for free? I hope they aren't backed up 10 weeks cause I gotta get some more equipment soon, ha
  17. That's some serious channels!!! Do you have videos of your work? Would love to see!
  18. Was yours waterproof I take it? Could you put up a link? Thanks!!
  19. I want to set up 8-12 blinding lights that will be white and super bright at the climatic parts of songs but don't know what to use. I prefer LEDs to keep the wattage though if possible. I bought a 30w LED flood to sample but there is a 1/2 second delay for each time it fires that I'd rather not deal with. Any ideas?
  20. I have converted my file to WAV and the problem has disappeared. Thank you so much! I freaked out yesterday as I've invested a ton of time and money building a couple of pretty elaborate displays that really need to be perfectly timed to function properly!
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