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  1. I've already selected all the classes I'll be attending
  2. I looked at flying to New Orleans and it was only about $100 cheaper. For that price, I'd rather not have to deal with renting a car or public transportation to go that far both ways etc. I finally caved in and bought a ticket last night! Why not, right? See you all there!!!
  3. You can't use xligjts and the LOR Control Panel simultaneously to my knowledge. The Light O Rama control panel makes the lights flash erratically when they are both on. Unload the control panel and the flashing will cease.
  4. Hey guys! Just wondering who's going to the Christmas Expo this year? I plan on going - just having trouble finding a flight under $500... Has anyone gone and can vouch for it being worth the flight/hotel/time off etc? I've never been but I think it would be cool to hang out with fellow nerds - Tom
  5. Thanks, Mark. I also am not considering LED at this point. The Showgun has an LED circle around the beam, but the beam itself is a 2,000 watt MSD lamp. It's similar technology to the Mac 250s, just more powerful (the Mac 250 is about 5,000 lumens compared to the 100,000 of the Showgun). The light will be in the sky, so there won't be an image or a spot it will go on. It is for my house which is not commercial, just me being my ridiculous self. I just want to know if my logic is correct in this light getting the job done or if it won't matter without the haze, regardless. I heard about thes
  6. So I have to turn to you other light addicts because you understand my madness! I've been experimenting with different moving heads and all have been underwhelming to say the least once they get outdoors. I want a moving head not for the image, but for the beam of light it creates in the sky. Without haze (which is immediately lost outside with the tiniest bit of wind) it's near impossible to see the beams clearly, especially with light noise (I'm sure the house will create plenty). So far the brightest I've used personally is the new Elation 15R which shoots out about 15,000 lumens. I've hear
  7. zman - are you using them outdoors in an inflatable or hard shell case? I'm trying to figure out what will work best for my show next year. I've been playing with moving beams for the past couple months. I'm trying hard to find one that can cut through the sky without haze. So far the brightest I've used is a 15R. I imagine the Martin 2000s would be good, but each lights is 1200 watts (bulb only)! I'd have to install a ton of new breakers to even venture out that direction. Do you have videos of your 250s in action outdoors? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. I know this is an old thread, but did you use white or clear rope light for your faces? I'm trying to decide if I should use rope light or just stick with LED bulbs (traditional size) in coro for my Halloween faces I'd like to try this year. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Go to Advanced Network Preferences within the program. Select the DMX tab and then select the protocol box on the universe you intend to use with you Dongle. On the adapter drop menu see if you can see your dongle there (assuming it's plugged into a USB port and you've downloaded and installed the driver). Assuming you can select it, then go the to the drop window below and select the "Entec.." protocol. From that point you can begin the nightmare of programming a moving head Hope this helps!
  10. Hi Ken! I was wondering, do you actually see the beams using moving head LEDs outdoors? I want to put some on my roof and I want to ensure beams will be clearly visible. I tried comparing a 230w (7R) to Martin's new MH1 and was pretty disappointed in the Martin using a 180w LED system...
  11. That's incredible! I'm depressed now in my own work, ha...
  12. I'd like to apologize ahead of time for my simple question that has probably been answered a million times. Unfortunately, I promise I have searched and searched, so at this point I'm going to ask anyhow... Is there a way to simply put in a color on an RGB channel without it being a color fade? I know you can color fade to the same color - but I feel like there has to be an easier way? When I select the color fade option, I always seem to drag wrong and generate errors, accidental fills, and I won't go on - I'm probably just inept and I apologize. Just checking if I'm missing something obvi
  13. Thought about getting a couple as well. Regardless of laws etc, after using them, do you feel these are safe?
  14. He was supportive. He basically told me, whatever color my house is at the moment is the color inside his living room even with the blinds down, ha!
  15. OMG these lights are amazing! Seems like a lot of work programming though. I'm still recovering from this past season so anything past turning on a switch sounds exhausting, ha
  16. Hi Matt! Are you still interested in doing sequences? I made a really cool 80s mix for my singing trees and was wondering if you would be willing to help out. Let me know and thanks for doing what you do!! - Tom
  17. Christmas is so far away!!! What is there to live for now??? Now to find new life meaning until summer when it won't be too insane to start creating again
  18. Wow! Great job on the arches! They look super clean and well-executed. I had the intention of making some too and even bought all the material, just ran out of time. Maybe next year, ha!
  19. Thanks, Tony! It's a huge learning curve though. I read your post about taking awhile to setup - I know what you mean! Do you have any pics or video of the finished product?
  20. Just finished taking down most of the lights - this past season has been such a rush! I knew I was doing something different but didn't expect all the attention! Within a few days of posting on Youtube I was on Good Morning America twice, CBS twice, and tons of newspapers around the world. On the night of the finale, 6 police officers were sent in just to help with traffic flow. It was nuts! Thanks to all of you who helped me start a new addiction! I'm scared how much crazier I'll be next year now that I'm encouraged to continue (even more so, my girlfriend!). Here's 3 of the 7 songs I did for
  21. Oh hey! Just saw this - thanks so much! I finally uploaded a second video too: If you're not busy this Sunday at 6:30pm, you should come by - having a grand finale!
  22. Hey everyone! I finally uploaded a sequence this morning of my second song of 7. I'm clearly not as good of a videographer as a musician, but here it is - with the instruments actually playing the notes this time
  23. I can't believe it! As those of you know who have been helping me, this only my first year ever and my first video went on Good Morning America's show (Weekend Edition) this morning!!! What a rush! Here's the video they used: You can find my video on Good Morning America if you find me on Facebook (Tom BetGeorge). Thanks for all your awesome support guys!
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