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  1. They aren't siren lights - they are professional-level stage lighting I bought with custom domes to keep them weatherproof. You can see them in action better here: I enjoy the "1" channel in your signature, haha
  2. When I need it done quickly, I pay someone else for their sequence. If I have time I put a mirror in front of me and do it myself and am usually happier with the results.
  3. I want to come too, I am just soooo lazy when it comes to driving. Hopefully I have a lot of caffeine that day...
  4. Wait, who is they? I have a hazer I ended up not running though. It's hard to get it consistent outdoors so I decided to go without...
  5. Oh hey guys! Been awhile since I've been on here. Just saw a few questions so I thought I'd answer. Jeff - I understand how you feel. I spent half the year looking for epic Christmas music and there's not much out there in my personal opinion. There's TSO, of course, but as big as TSO is to Christmas decorators, a lot of people don't know about them. I decided to use Star Wars because of the international audience it has and epic-sounding music. I admit, it's not Christmas music. To me, Christmas is about other things, not lights. One of those things is giving to the needy and I knew if I di
  6. There was a panel at the Christmas Expo about the show in July. From what I remember, they said the contestants had to stay silent until the network announced the contestants. I can't wait to see the show myself!
  7. Can I check it out too? tbetgeorge@yahoo.com
  8. Hello everyone! I'm depressed. I am currently checking on my pixel strips from last season and there are a ton of bad pixels. Most of the time the red is out on say 10 of 100 pixels per string. I have 2801 strips from Ray and don't remember nowhere near this amount of bad pixels while taking them down. Also, why is it that red seems to fail first? Not sure what to do. I'm not loving pixels strips at the moment...
  9. Wish I could have come but I had to work
  10. Would it be ok if I had your singing sequence? If so, my email is tbetgeorge@gmail.com Great job!!!
  11. Could I get it as well? tbetgeorge@gmail.com I'll be your best friend forever!
  12. I say don't do it. I'm surprised I'm even saying this (because I'm the most ridiculous person I know and I understand your sentiment) but at a certain point I feel like you could do more with the money it would cost to do this. I look at it like going to a mediocre buffet. Having more of the same isn't necessarily better and once you go that big, a lot is lost because you'd have to look at it from a distance which would cancel out the size. It's like buying a TV so big you have stand back 30ft to watch it. I think with that many lights and money invested, you could create something unique that
  13. Hello! Has anyone programmed, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" for singing faces (specifically I'm using singing trees) as well as "In Summer"? If so, I would reallllllly love a copy I'm pretty slow with that stuff and I'm already super busy with prop building. Hope everyone is doing well with their displays!
  14. Hello! I have a 50 meter roll of white neon LED lighting that I bought and ended up not using. It cost me about $400. Anyone interested please send me an offer! Comes with one power adapter but no other accessories (you'd have to figure out what you want to do and get any attachments on your own) If you're able to pick it up in person in the California Bay Area, that would be even better! I am willing to ship anywhere in the country, however, it is heavy. Here are the details: 50Meters/Lot 80LED/M LED Neon Light 1) Dimension:WX14mm H25mm*L5000mm 2) Style of LED: DIP LED 3) LED QTY: 80
  15. I'll try to come if I can! I'm writing this here so I can get notifications
  16. You're probably right. I just redid it and made it shorter. Let me know what you think now if you have time https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_AVXbFt51djQk9TWV84UlpHUGs/edit?usp=sharing
  17. Thanks for the suggestion! I listened to it and it's a pretty good compilation but only has 5 of the themes and there are a few others I really wanted to keep. I just redid my compilation this morning and managed to get 9 major themes in order of the episodes in under 5 minutes. I erased the previous file and updated it here... Check it out if you have time! - Tom https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_AVXbFt51djQk9TWV84UlpHUGs/edit?usp=sharing
  18. Hello! This year for Halloween I would like to do a Star Wars compilation of what I consider to be the most important music of all six episodes in numerical order. It's been incredibly hard to narrow down the choices so the track isn't super long (to keep the average person's attention span). What do you guys think so far? It's definitely not done and I want to work a bit on the transitions and add reverb to some of the peaks when it moves to another song so it doesn't sound so abrupt. Let me know what you think so far! Click the link below then download the mp3 to hear the file... http
  19. Ha, I thought I invented this idea myself and just found this! I built my piano with this concept and wanted to start making faces this year the same way. I'm only concerned about how long it takes to invert the programming... Great job!
  20. I like it - but what is it???
  21. I am in the far vicinity of a few airports but nothing within 10 miles or so. I've contacted companies from the Bay Area that use sky tracking lights (far more powerful) and they told me they've never had issues as long as it's not intentionally following planes or, of course, lasers. I won't need any permits or anything according to my city ordinances regarding light noise etc. Last year the mayor was very supportive as well and sent over 6 police officers to help with traffic...
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