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  1. Hey everyone! I just moved into a new house, but I wanted to do at least something for Halloween. Let me know what you think!



    “Best of Disney Villain Songs” list:


    “Be Prepared” - The Lion King

    “Mother Knows Best” – Tangled

    “Savages” – Pocahontas

    “Poor Unfortunate Souls” – Little Mermaid

    “Prince Ali (Reprise) – Aladdin

    “Gaston” – Beauty and the Beast

    “Friends on the Other Side” – The Princess and the Frog

    “Hellfire” – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  2. I just started with PE and so far so good. I'm sequencing two side-by-side matrixes with a total of 400 nodes. The fire effect sometimes changes to a solid yellow (like a color wash). The preview looks the same in the editing preview and in the effects generator. Restart in generator doesn't correct this. If I close PE and reopen it, the effect is correct. I can't exactly pin down what causes this. Any ideas? Also please let me know where I can find steps to import a prop from visualizer. Thanks. PE has a bright future.

    Have you found any solutions?

  3. I have been unable to recreate this problem so far. If it happens to you, please post as much information as you can about what you were doing at the time, the size of the prop it occurred on, does exiting and restarting PE fix the problem, etc. Thanks!



    A few days ago it would work when I restarted the software but not anymore. My prop is a tombstone with 90 pixels. Problem is, in the generator, fire doesn't work on anything anymore...

  4. Most of the time I boot up my program, my fire effects and meteors don't work. I cannot for the life of me figure out when they will work and when they won't. For example, I will load a prop of my tombstones for example, (90 pixels each, 5 of them) and it will just be stuck on yellow. Fireworks sometimes does this. My computer has 4GB ram with an i7 processor. Not sure what to do..

  5. Matt Brown, so does this mean props I have running the 24 channel DC controller are incompatible with PE? I have been having trouble getting it to work (I want to do whole house effects)...


    "Dumb" devices can be sequenced and controlled with the Pixel Editor. Might be useful when doing "whole house" effects via prop groups. However, the Pixel Editor can only control DMX/E1.31 networks and enhanced LOR networks. This means setting up the LOR network as "enhanced" in the Network Configuration tool and ensuring every controller on that network has the enhanced firmware. See this thread for which firmware version is required:



  6. Hello! I know some of you may have possibly been on the fence for sequencing "Uptown Funk" because there's the 'B' word in it (there is no clean version for sale). Well, I made one and removed the word by copying duplicate audio from the other pre-chorus. If you already own this audio file but need a clean version for the kiddos, let me know and I'll send it your way! 



    - Tom



    Note - it still says "hot damn" at least 8 times, but maybe you can draw a picture of a dam on your matrices if you're concerned ;)

  7. Personally, I silently play the light show on repeat in the middle of the night for the song I'm recording. I do multiple angles with my camera and adjust the ISO and aperture based on the position. The footage is never perfect because light is extremely hard to capture well unless you have all of the same kind of light source (LEDs, metal halide, and incandescents all react very differently). To keep the audio clean, I add it later through my video software. I don't play the audio during the recording as a reference because I don't feel like it's necessary since I created the show. I use Final Cut Pro to put it together, but even free video programs allow you to add the audio track later. This also gives you the ability to slide the audio track slightly if for any reason it wasn't perfectly lined up because of any unforeseen delays from processing, radio transmission etc...

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