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  1. I think that's exactly the solution I was looking for. Question though, how did you wire the light up as an LOR channel? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. After writing this I had a few revelations. I discovered the xml file and successfully copied the appropriate data from one computer to the other! And yes, it was a palm to the forehead moment when I remembered that each prop has two tracks to allow crossfading from one to the other! Thanks Matt! I have other ideas for tweaking effects in the Effect Generator, but those will have to wait for when I am not dozing.
  3. I've been working on a project at work this week and am bouncing between my laptop at work and my desktop at home. It would be really helpful to be able to import/export your Favorites in the Effect Generator. I've created effects on both systems that I really like and need to use them together in one show. I know I could write down their various settings on the computer they exist on and then rebuild them on the other machine, but I'm lazy, and IF I had a bunch of them built, that would get VERY tedious! Another feature that I am not sure isn't already in the system and just haven't figured
  4. Thanks Jim! That was enough of a clue for me to figure out the issues. A. I wasn't on an Enhanced Network. B. I didn't have the firmware updated enough to even be able to get to an Enhanced Network. Once my firmware updates were done across the board and I used the Hardware Utility instead of the Simple Show Builder, every thing started to work as expected. Well, almost. I don't have an RS485 adapter, only an RS232, so I have to connect my CCB100 chained to one of my CTB08's in order to have my computer see the CCB100. Frustrating, but at least workable.
  5. Hello! I've been away from LOR far too long and now I am in a bind. I am needing some lights for a trade show this week and I thought I was good to go, but I have a snag. I designed a show using the new Pixel Editor (Love it!), but it is not lighting anything up when I transfer my show to my SD card for the G3-MP3 Director. The Chase and Loop demos that come with LOR are lighting up my CCB100, but nothing with my Pixel Editor show. So, I know the hardware is working, it's clearly a software issue. Any thoughts? Not sure if the attached file is of any help. (I really don't know how all the d
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