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  1. I would like to check it out. glozeris@gmail.com
  2. I never finished it. I did finish the singing faces though and mapped out the claps I put it in my dropbox for you to download. Have fun https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i0xcuqkaq7z6qbm/AAC4wO4TbQszEaOQsSwirtfga?dl=0
  3. PM me if you would like a copy of this sequence. I'll send you the LOR one I have from last year.
  4. most of mine from last year have a singing face https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rmcwxx8pzxyruyo/AABpxdmYk14HO2bwlNPQOFQsa?dl=0
  5. Very cool Ed. Great use of the flood lights and timing is right on And yes, Facebook deletes everything.
  6. This was my first year doing a Halloween light song. I was worried the neighbors would complain. In fact they thought it was really cool and most of them had never seen anything like it before. This was my closing song to the show on Halloween night. I felt it very appropriate for what its like to run a lightshow.
  7. And of course when something breaks its always has to be the VERY top or most inconvenient string to fix. Had to climb back to the top of the roof with a soldiering iron myself last week.
  8. Preview Youtube link of my Phil Collins "I can feel it coming in the air tonight": Part of my 2015 Halloween show. https://youtu.be/-nzbScaPx_Y Please don't buy it on ebay You can d/l the sequence here (no audio files this time, previous post got removed because of it) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rmcwxx8pzxyruyo/AABpxdmYk14HO2bwlNPQOFQsa?dl=0 If you look at my other videos on youtube, you can see previews of the other sequences in my dropbox
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