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  1. I seen last Christmas someone discuss a vendor, I dont recall who it was, but I ordered a dozen of them, and waited.. months.. and months.. until I finally got fed up and cancelled. I dont recall what vendor it was..
  2. Anyone have any recommendations on where to purchase boxes at to store the CMB24D controller and a power supply?
  3. I was looking at them, but I dont think the 10 watts are going to be strong enough. I know LED's are obviously brighter than other lights, I have LED's through much of the inside of my house, but my house is pretty large and 2 stories, so I dont think 8 of them, or 10 watts, is going to do the job.. I could be wrong though.. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4330626665785&set=a.1503197301818.2068927.1290794618&type=3&theater https://scontent-dfw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/318773_4330629865865_1633720725_n.jpg?oh=c8673d4af6ec079eeff76db38872a723&oe=566BA493
  4. Ok here is the situation.. I currently have landscaping lights, where my power supply recently burned out. I was going to go out and buy a new one, but really looking at the big picture. Every Halloween and Christmas I add flood lights to my display, about 20 of them, 10 for orange / 10 for green for Halloween, and 10 for red / 10 for green for Christmas, and I use my landscaping flood lights for white, using A LOR plug to power the transformer on/off on demand. What I'm thinking is I'd like to replace my standard landscaping lights with RGB flood lights, where I can change colors, but
  5. But this wouldnt change the sequences, correct? I've got 40 sequences, 24 channels to change, thats 960 rows I have to change one at a time..
  6. Another suggestion, if you can make the changes I noted above, then add in a way to change all of the channels on a device. For example, I have RGB's on ID 1 but if I want to change it to 10, I have to go in and adjust all 24 rows one at a time. Very painful..
  7. Exactly, there are times I dont really want to change a row to a channel not being used because I might want to change it back later.. I just want to uncheck saying, dont use this row..
  8. I'll check out #1 but yes #2, I have some sequences that I dont use many of the rows (they were acquired when I bought some halloween stuff) and because I dont have all of the yard displays they have, a lot of them arent being used but i dont really want to delete them because as I acquire things I'll just rename the rows and assign the previously programmed sections to new props.. It would be nice to just unclick certain rows not being used for a certain display. Or say I only want to work on face 1, and see it in action without lighting everything up, I'd like to just click the channels
  9. #1 I'd like the program to display the channel thats being used automatically. If I change for example a face from controller 1 to controller 5, I have to go in and not only change the channels, but then change the name to every item to display "eyes 1-1" to "eyes 5-1".. its a pain in the ass to have to rename everything And by adding a seperate display collumn to the program, we could then sort the rows by controller automatically so if I'm moving things around to view them on the screen they can quickly be re-sorted back. as for #2, if I only want to work on the faces and dont want ever
  10. Thanks.. they are already boxed ready to go out Monday..
  11. Sorry if there was a thread already on this but I thought I'd offer a few suggestions on the LOR Sequence program 1) I'd really like to see a collumn next to the time scale which shows the channel the item is on.. Right now I'm naming things Left light 01-15 And then setting the channel to LOR 1, channel 15 This way I can look down real fast if there is an issue and find the items on that channel 2) I'd really like to see a check mark or something next to that, which says "use", with the default yes... And if its unchecked, this means that row is ignored. This way when we get a
  12. I setup one light o rama unit, everything fine, but when I disconnect the network cable that I just plugged into it, and plug it into a different unit, the 2nd unit does not recognize the network. I'm assuming the network jack came lose, (its a little wiggly), how difficult is this to fix?
  13. Ok guys.. first this thread was a lot of help, but the question I have is. Some of my songs wont have videos associated with them, but my computer wants to send the standard windows blue screen to the projector to display. Other than just changing the backdrop color to black, any ideas how to get the projector to not display anything during the non video sequences?
  14. Thanks for the advice.. I actually have one of those kill o watt meters sitting on my desk, but I havent messed with it yet.. I've gone RGB and LED's for some lights, the ones I just picked up though were at such a deal I couldnt pass them up..
  15. I picked up 20,000 incadescent from WalMart.. with free shipping.. half of them arrived today, the rest by the weekend..
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