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  1. Just wondering how many of you out there are 100 percent LOR users when it comes to using RGB pixels? I know there are other programs and controllers out there but I want to stick with what I know and you cant beat the customer service with LOR. I currently have the advanced version of LOR and from what I see I need the pro version, no big deal. I have been playing with PE and was wondering if there are more effects and other things in the pro version? also I would like to see any videos that are done with LOR using pixels. Thank you Dave
  2. I'm new to using video this year. I have everything working, except when I add the file in the show builder then I add the other songs I'm using, the video will not repeat. it skips the video and goes to the next song. I hope that makes sense and I hope someone can help. thank you Dave
  3. This very frustrating. Took a few days away from this before i threw it in the trash. lol. HU sees both controllers everything tests like it should in HU, chase, fade, on, off, shimmer, twinkle. I create a schedule, add show, set time, save time, enable schedule. light bulb turns blue. Show starts, music plays, no lights.
  4. yes you are correct. it is saying, currant activity playing 2015 test, that is what i saved it as sorry for bad pic will see if i can get a better one
  5. I will tomorrow evening. Thanks for your help Darryl
  6. Yes. I can control lights in the test mode in HU, but once it is closed, nothing works.
  7. Yes, it's says enabled, playing "said song" at "said time" until said time" Status is active. I'm lost. I have been looking and researching for 2 days now.
  8. New problem. HU can see both controllers, however when I exit out of HU and schedule a show, nothing happens. The 16D is unit 1 and the 16PC is unit 2, when the show is set to run,both controllers do nothing but the LEDs are flashing.
  9. It's all fixed. Help desk works wonders. I'm not sure what it is called, but it was the little strip that sits under the RJ45 ports, it was loose. Now I have a whole new problem. Lol. New problem. HU can see both controllers, however when I exit out of HU and schedule a show, nothing happens. The 16D is unit 1 and the 16PC is unit 2, when the show is set to run both controller do nothing but the LEDs are flashing.
  10. I did, using that as a last resort I guess. Thanks for everyone's help.
  11. could be a bad transceiver chip. I hooked up only the 16D and HU could not find it then I hooked up only the 16PC and the HU found it then I hooked up 16D and 16PC together and HU found 16PC and not 16D. Not real sure of the jumper that was mentioned in the thread but will look at the manual.
  12. running at 57.6k and red led is a continuous blinking when connected and the start of HU
  13. I have also set dip switches in 16D to the proper unit ID with no luck
  14. i have 1 CTB 16D and 1 CTB 16PC g3, HU cannot find 16D however it can find 16PC. I have tried refreshing HU with 16 PC as unit 1 and 16D as unit 2 with no luck. I have tried 16D as unit 1 by its self with no luck. any suggestions would help. Thank you
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