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  1. Thank you for the help! I'm still using a taupe D Light USB adapter, so I might as well buy a black and red to be safe.
  2. I suspect this has been answered, but I couldn't really find a definitive answer here. I just added 2 PixIE16 controllers (CCR tree with 16 ribbons and 16 channel for pixels). I have 4 old (one is a D-Light box) controllers for my traditional lights. Questions: 1) I had issues setting up the separate network and getting the Pix16's to work, so it's all setup on my normal USB adapter network. Will I be able to control my old controllers and new ones all on one "line"? 2) When I opened the 2 new boxes there was a jumper that says to use with the Pixels, but not needed with Ribbons. If I break out my CCR tree so 8 channels are on 1 controller and 8 are on another, do I need the jumper installed since it will have both pixels and ribbons? The reason I ask is because I can place the 16 channel boxes closer to other lights and just make life a little easier with less cords that way. Thanks in advance, sorry if this is a dead horse topic.
  3. I think I resolved it... turns out I was using version 4.01 on the two older units I have. The third is 4.30, so I updated the firmware and it appears to have resolved my issues.
  4. Yes, the only one giving me a problem is the commercial one in the metal box, upgraded heat sinks. Oddly enough I actually have two identical units of these, both running similar loads, and have no issues with the other one. But, I might switch out two channels to run the 1100 lights on channel 9-16 to try that out. Thanks.
  5. I've been having this problem for a few years but just ignored it... now I'm seeking help. I have 3 G2 LOR controllers and a DLight Controller from 2006. I resolved all the issues with them except one. I have a few songs where one of my Gen2 controllers will leave 8 of the 16 channels on. It's setup in the middle of the chain (so it's not the last unit or first unit) in the Cat5 line, and it's the same unit as in prior years. But Channels 1-8 on this particular unit won't twinkle, they will just go solid on. Then, even after the twinkle function is supposed to stop, they stay on for about 1/2 of the song. I'm running 2.9.4 software, and the channels have anywhere from 100 incandescent's to 1100 Incandescent's on them. So I assume it's not something where too much juice is still flowing to them. Any thoughts? It doesn't happen all the time either. That's the odd part.
  6. I got it running, but will PM you as well, I appreciate the help.
  7. Hi everyone, so I have a unit going back to the days of D-Light designs, now owned by LOR from what I can tell? Anyway, I have the LOR Hardware Utility, but I upgraded to a new computer and didn't think to grab the D-Light hardware utility. So now when I go to get my units on... the D-Light unit is not being found. Any suggestions or workarounds? I have 3 LOR units and 1 D-Light.
  8. So I've found it's more fun to create my own displays rather then buying the pre-manufactured stuff lately... that and I don't want to drop $300 on a real leg lamp because I'm cheap, so I decided this year to make my own. Most of these materials I had lying around, so in all it only cost me about $20 to make this, but if you had to buy everything to do the same thing I'd guess it's under $70. Materials: 2"x4"x8' - x2 (about $4) 2'x4' - 1/4 inch panel (about $5) 2'x4' - 1/2 inch panel (about $5) 1"x2"x8' - 2 - ($4) 100 string mini lights ($3) 24"x48" acrylic panel ($15) Yellow can of spray paint ($2) Tan can of spray paint ($2) Black paint marker ($2) Brown paint marker ($2) Screws ($5) I took my 1/4 inch panel and traced out a silhouette of the Leg Lamp... this is obviously the tricky part, but I have a projector I hooked up to my computer and displayed an image of the lamp, traced it, and voila. Though I think it could be done by hand pretty easily as well. Using a jigsaw I cut out the silhouette. Then on the acrylic I traced the lines for the lamp shade (including the fringe that hangs from the bottom of the "skirt") and the shoe and pedestal. I did make a mistake and painted the front that is exposed to the weather though, I should have painted the back so it's protected (I'm in Northern Indiana, so weather is a major issue). By doing it this way you can glue the acrylic to the 2x4 panel (screws tend to break it) then just mask off a couple areas and spray the colors accordingly. To mount the leg I basically built a shadow box with and sandwiched the leg between two 1x2's and painted the entire box black. After painting the box I put the leg in place, then added two more 1x2's behind it, the first picture shows this a little better since they weren't painted but the box itself was. To mount it I have it on a 4x4 with a post stake into the ground, this is optional and will run another $20 easily. Here's a few pics... most people so far that I've talked to, when they see it from the street, they think it's the actual lamp you can buy online. I hadn't cleaned up my cords when I took the pic, but you all deal with these too.
  9. So this is really old, but I tried something last year that worked great. I went out and bought drywall corner beads, the metal ones, they only run $1.50 each (http://www.lowes.com/pd_11822-325-114_0__?productId=3009636&Ntt=drywall+corner+beed&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl__0__s%3FNtt%3Ddrywall%2Bcorner%2Bbeed&facetInfo=) You can use tin snips to cut them to custom length, around corners, up angles, etc. To hold them in place I either slipped them under my shingles or just used regular gutter/shingle clips to "hold" them down and in place. I only used maybe 3-4 clips per section, depending on where they were. Keep in mind on your peaks the wind will push them, so you want to make sure your clips are really secure. I wish I had taken pics last year. For the clips, what I did was actually cut the upright section so it was just flat to allow for easier application. So you'd have a section flat on the roof and the other was 90 degrees facing straight up. This gave me a perfect edge to then clip my C7/C9 lights to with their built in tiny little clip they have on them already. I was running 2 colors independent of each other on my gutters last year and this saved me a ton of time. Unfortunately I decided this year to do something different, so I'm not using this method. My plan originally was to simply keep the lights on them year round, fold them up as much as possible and store them in 8 foot sections. Since it could all collapse on each other, but again, my lighting plans changed, so I didn't need it this year. Still was a big time saver once I figured out how to use the regular gutter clips to hold the Corner Bead in place.
  10. Awesome Bob, thank you so much for your help, that solved my problem. Now I just need to decide how I'm doing my lights before it's too late this year, lol
  11. kellyhaglund wrote: No, I want to clear out the schedule completely so there are no shows at all, then add shows for 2011. I can't eliminate one of the shows though because I made it for something like 6:02:00 - 6:02:30. So it's only 30 seconds. I need to eliminate that show but it's so small that I can't click on it to edit it. I've deleted every show except for that one.
  12. Yes, I'm running S1, I can't eliminate a very short sequence that I made years ago and it's stuck in my schedule editor. I'm debating updating to S3 but I have a D Light controller so I'm not sure it's compatible. I would prefer to keep my S1 editor if possible, I just need to figure out how to eliminate this small sequence that's still in there.
  13. I delete the files this time... but it's still telling me I have a scheduling conflict. I'm wondering, if I buy the S3 software, will it still control my older D Light box? I have 1 in my system.
  14. I have a schedule editor question, I had some shows setup and running and made the mistake one year of running a short intro for like 10 seconds and making that a show rather then using the "start up" and "show" features, now I can't delete the show from the file so every year it's showing up at the same time on Thursday, I deleted the file but it's still in the schedule. Is there anyway to find it and delete it? I've been trying to locate it in the scheduler but the time frame is so small I can't, and I've been trying every year for about 4 years now. I'm debating upgrading to S3, but not sure I want to since it still works. I also use a D-Light controller and I'm not positive it'll work with the new LighORama S3 software (if anyone can answer that as well I'd appreciate it). thanks.
  15. I also used the box idea with plexiglass (though I sprayed my own rather than a professionally done one) and lined the inside of the box with a strand of white christmas lights. Works great.. though I cracked the plexiglass when drilling the holes to screw it on in one corner.. making a new one this year.
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