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  1. Interested in the cmb24 and the dumb nodes. Reindeervalleychristmas@cox.net for pics and price please.
  2. I just wanted to THANK Mark and Mike for all of your help today. I was finally able to figure out after all of the suggestions and troubleshooting on my end that there was no issue with the iDMX or the software. The DMX connection on my snow machine seems to be broken as I was able to get a friends DMX light to work. Always something..........
  3. Thanks DevMike for the additional info. So if I change the iDMX unit ID to 01 or 02, should I be able to still control it in console mode in HU just to test it? And if I did leave the iDMX at 01 or 02, I would just change the IDs of my other LOR controllers that are currently 01 to something higher?
  4. In HU the idmx is found and I have tried the extended circuits. I have my max unit to F0 currently which should be the max. The status light is solid on the idmx and the data light is flashing. Just trying to add all the info I know. I will try and open a ticket to see about the license issue too if I don’t hear anything thing else form the group.
  5. I currently have the standard license. I guess this is where I am also confused too. I was on the LOR software version page and it stated that I could use my standard license for DMX (via the idmx1000). Advanced was only needed for DMX (native).
  6. Not to hijack the OP but I am having the same issue he was. Mark, I spent a lot of time looking at all of your DMX how to's. I have my idmx1000 ID set at A1 just like your how to showed. I am trying to get my Chauvet SM250 snow machine to kick on. I have my SM250 set to starting address 1. When I am in HU, My Unit ID is set to A1 and when I try to slide channel 1 up to a value that says it will produce snow but nothing happens. I feel like I am missing something simple here and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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